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Thursday, January 6, 2011

Happy "old" new year!

I wonder why each year people are excited about another "new year". All I feel is "OLD".

For me, another new year means,

  • I am another year OLDer
  • I have to renew my OLD resolution which never or seldom accomplished
  • I would be getting more engagement and wedding invitations from OLD friends
  • I would have to rearrange my things and house and try to get rid of "OLD" things to give way to new things.
  • Yet another year of memories that would soon also become an "OLD" memory

As you can see I missed wishing you all Happy New Year on the day itself. IT's because now,

  • I am an OLD student who were given the responsibility to conduct and welcome new students.

So, except for the "new" year count up, everything else become old. Don't get me wrong, I am all up for new experience, new day, new friends, new activities but that is something I do EVERYDAY. I don't need a new year to do it all or to anticipate it all. If entering new year means all those things, then my everyday new day would be my new year

Though, I must say one thing I'm glad about new year day is that it is a Public Holiday.

Means I can sit all day long and do "nothing"


Ignore my sarcasm,

Have a very good New Year everyone!


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