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Friday, December 24, 2010

Miss ME yet?

Miss me YET?

Yes, I was missing from the web-world for 8 whole days. I just could not access the internet from where I was in the past 8 days. Even if I did have access to the internet, I doubt that I would have had any time to update my humble blog. Yes, the brat was sent to a camp.

I wish it was something or ANYTHING like CAMP ROCK

But there were no or very little singing that we did.

I wish it was a SUMMER CAMP

where it is all sunshine and fun. Of course, since Malaysia don't exactly have "summers" so there are no such thing as summer camps.

So what camp was it?

It was the very-exhausting-8-long-days-mind-AND-body-challenging Leadership Camp. With half-spartan conductors and tight schedule and lots and LOTS and LOTS of running and walking. (Oh yes, I pulled a leg cramp thanks to that) 

After the first torture I put my body through the first 4 days, The next 4 days I tortured my mind to pay attention to the endless talks and forums while trying my best to participate and stay awake when I have barely 2 hours of sleep each day. (Oh yes, I failed miserably at trying to stay awake)


I had the most awesome time EVER! It was always great to get to know new people and trying out new things to do and pushing oneself to their limit.In case you haven't noticed, I am the kind of person who seek for things to do to the point that I would exhaust myself - and then complain about it.

Bratty ain't it? Just though I'd drop a simple note to tell you where I've gone. so, did you miss me?

Still exhausted brat,

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