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Friday, May 14, 2010

Mess-aging Mania

Today's post gonna be a long one. Mark my words! But please, do read till the end :)

Messaging, texting, SMS, whatever you call it, is DEFINITELY a phenomenon. Basically, it's the hand phone itself that is the mania. I mean, u could literally look around you and see everywhere, there'd be someone on the phone.

While driving

While Cycling

on the Bike

While Walking

While with friends

While Eating

yup.. even kids.

Basically, it's an essential, a need. Let's just say, you walk out of your home, lock the doors, and went down two level of stairs and realize, "damn! I left my notes!" You would probably think twice about going back up. Most of us (I believe) would just let it be, creating some kind of solution for the inconvenience. Then let's say then, after four levels of stairs, u are just entering your car when you realized, "Oh ****!! My HANDPHONE!" what would you do? 

My guess is, you'd go up and retrieve the handphone. You might still forget to get your notes, even then. But NEVER the handphone. 

Rings true? You are not alone. Statistics shown that Malaysian spent about RM17 Million per DAY just to send SMS. On Christmas and New Year only, we sent about 1 billion SMS. Can u imagine how many we spent on other celebrations?

Yup. no kidding. Someone told me that in average, "one Malaysian send 18 K per day". Get it? 18 times of "K" just to indicate, OK. lols. 

Just imagine, Malaysia has 27-28 Million people, according to MCMC, the amount of handphone users up to 2008 is

27,713 Million people!! That is impossible. I don't think people hand over a handphone as soon a child is born right? Simple. People use more than one line. I myself use 2 handphones previously. One Celcom and another Maxis. Yes, they are both student rates. Why should I pay more? The only ones getting richer are those from the company, not me. 

Speaking of getting richer, do u know that these companies gets BILLIONS of annual profit, and keep on increasing without fail? (yup, billions as in 12 zeros!!) Don't believe me? Look at the report from BERNAMA

No wonder they could afford to give much better deals now. Don't be too surprised. We are the ones making them richer and richer and RICHER like DIRT Rich! :p (Over emphasizing is so fun! Lol) 

Anyway, they become so rich that they need and could afford 100-300 million worth of adverts each year hands down. Nielson noted that these telecommunication company places 2nd to 4th in terms of advertising after the health ministry (yes, we'll talk about that next time.)

Wonder how much you actually paying? I'm not going to bother to tell you the rates for postpaid (which is actually so much more cheaper) because what is 5,544 million postpaid users to 22,162 million prepaid users? most of us are just either morons who prefer more expensive rates or hate commitment or has been blacklisted from using postpaid. If you asked around to people, how much they are actually paying for their phones, my guess is more than half of the population says they don't know. It just goes to show how important handphones are, no matter how much they are paying, they'd still use it.

Alright, here's the BASIC list of what we are paying. Of course without naming them, you would know who they are. (Because if I do name them, I could get SUED! There's no way I'm gonna risk that.) And this IS NOT applicable to STUDENT RATES. 

No wonder we go for student rates. Not only students, even the parents of the student uses it. You see the CHARGING BLOCK thing? yep, that is what usually they never say out loud. If they do, they need to say, alright "to same network you'll be charged x cent for anything below 1minutes!" In other words, when you have a 60 seconds charging block (or they call it 1 charging block) you will be charged the full amount of 1 minutes worth of talk, even if you only use 2 seconds from the full minute. If they have 2 charging block means, they charge you an amount of 30 seconds worth of talk inside the the first half minute. Which in the case of DG, 18 cents first half, and another on the 2nd half = 36 cents per minute.

"Aaaaah... so that's how they make all this almost insane amount of money." - we never really use the full amount of 30/60 seconds they allocated. I had never counted the clock. Had you? What a wasteful bunch of creatures we are...

So, what is my point in pulling out this issue today? Like any other good business person (almost) I lay down the problem first for you to think, and then offer the solution.

You remember the rates I talk about just now? Now this new line offers you half and more of you spend before. It has a comparable price to student rates and postpaid rates. If you are not satisfied with saving money, how about earning money?? Sounds Intriguing yet??

No? oh maybe you think the line is new, the coverage weak and etc. Stop it. It's not. Some of you might or might not have heard about XOX.

XOX is a sub-line given by CELCOM to be handled by Chinese in order to increase the numbers of Chinese users for Celcom. In other words, where you can find Celcom, you can find XOX line. It had already been launch for three years now, but with little success.

So what happen, Edymium Sdn Bhd. approaches this company and offers help in spreading the news of their line. Don't know Edymium? What about the advertisement featuring AC Mizal selling bangles (jual gelang)?? Check out their website for more info on their company. HERE

Let me bring back the rates just now, and the comparison with this line.

Did you see what I see? That's more than half the price you had been using before! Remember that I said I used two phones before? Now I had three. Just to test out this product and it's so true!! Calls to XOX and Celcom number (013, 019) are considered same network (S.Net) SMS? better to Celcom and XOX number, it's free!! We receive 150 free SMS each months for the first year = 1800 free SMS!! And those SMS can be carried forward. Now if right now you don't think this is a good deal. You are SERIOUSLY problematic. REALLY.

"If it's so good, how come I haven't heard anything about it yet?" -well that is probably because you are NOT LISTENING.

Remember how I mentioned that telco companies spent RM100-300 million per year for ads? Be realistic. New company could never afford that much - yet. And even if they spent RM5-10 million each year to advertise their brand, do you SERIOUSLY think they could beat those 3 BIG companies (Telco H,D&X) in matters of 3 years to come? COME ON! That ain't gonna happen.

This is where Edymium came in. They approach this failing company, XOX, and proposed a solution to their predicament. They probably said it like this, "Hey, let us do the advertising for you with our way". In other words using Word-of Mouth technique or better known as (and seriously looked at suspiciously by virtually everyone) Multilevel Marketing or MLM. 

 The executives and CEOs of Edymium and XOX

Now most of us (Including me, previously) would run away a 1000 miles away just at the mention of MLM. There is no doubt that the name MLM STINKS!! I agree 100%. So I am not suggesting for anyone to do this. In fact, I don't mind if you don't, just as long as you top up regularly and make me rich. hehe.

How much money do you want to make? Do you long to use you phone for absolutely FREE?? 

With DymiumXOX that is not just only a dream. Now, IF you do this, I am NOT saying it would come to realize in matters of months, it would take at least, a year before you could see the result. But, the result might just be worth it. WANT TO KNOW more? then contact me. I'll give you the DIRT and  details. :D

Oh yeah, it would be unprofessional of me not to mention the price. The starter pack now stands at RM180.
"ARE YOU CRAZY? that's EXPENSIVE" -Well don't hop off your horses yet. With that 180, you will get,

3G Sim card + RM85 worth of credit
150 SMS to XOX and CELCOM each month for 1 year
Dymium Baracelet worth RM275
1 Dymium Business Account

So that's a total worth of RM360 and 1800 Free SMS all for only RM180. Not worth it for you? Well too bad. Anyway, if you are wondering what awesome Dymium Bracelet is all about, you could take a peek here

I think this is a good chance for ANYONE who wants to save and make some extra cash. Honest! on a blogger's honor. 

If you want more information, just email me at or just call my DymiumXOX 'hot' line - 010 3423614 (yes I think my number is awesome too!)

Hey, it's just some thoughts from a brat with opinions :)
-Nana Eddy-

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