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Saturday, May 8, 2010

"How many lives have I touched? Did I touched yours?"

"How many lives have I touched? Did I touched yours?"

I watched numb3rs on my AXN channel and this particular line that Prof. Charlie Eppes wrote caught my attention.

According to him (or whoever the scriptwriter is),

"Had we done something that would be remembered? Will we be remembered?"

Honestly, I don't know whether I want to be remembered, and if I do, as what do I want to be remembered? people said that if u were nice (unless you are some sort of a hero), the only thing that people will say "ahhh... she's such a nice person" on the funeral day or maybe the week. but soon, people will stop talking and start forgetting. If you're bad, people would forever remember your mischievousness even long after you're gone. So do I want to be remembered at all if those are the only choices I have?

  Good vs Evil by Sugargrl14

I guess, I would never really know for sure. I am just living the day by day. Perhaps, I want to be remembered as someone who made some difference in someone's life. I wonder, how many lives has I touched?

Did I touched yours?

A brat with opinions,
-Nana Eddy-


  1. actually miss naa, u did :) (that one time at olympiarch utm...and a good reminder it was)

  2. gee.. thanks dina... and you did too. I'm missing you more...

  3. we'll never know whos life we've touched..

    kalo org tu nk btau pon...compem dia btau org mmg la smpai sudah kite tatau..=P

  4. haha... that's an interesting view... but I believe, in some way or other, or lives will touch others. I'm sure you touched my life kuna... My early days in UiTM would've been different without u :)

  5. owh..terharunye saya...u touched mine too...waaa...nana..miss u...tetiba teringt time kite n fit nyanyi lagu keane berkali2 bengong...hehehe...

  6. Hahaha.. lagu Keane yang mana ek? lupe ah... yang last skali drummer dia tunjuk jari tengah tu ek? hehe... tapi lagu paling aku tak lupa, yang kite dengar sampai aku da takle dgr lg da lagu tu buat jangkamasa yang lama, 'teman tapi mesra'. stiap kali aku dgr lagu tu, teringat submission kite yang 3 kali extend. yang lagi penting, sem tu aku fail. haha

  7. o eh??aku skrg dah tak suke pon lagu tuh..ahahhaha...bab fail tuh tak payah igt sgt na...alhamdulillah...otak aku cuma salu igt mende2 fun je..hehehe...mende2 yg aku igt compem senyum sorg..hahaha...

  8. mana bleh tak ingat beb... tu pengalaman yang menjadi pengajaran kat aku. I never regretted joining Archi. and I never regretted leaving it either... It's all part of the cycle...



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