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Monday, May 10, 2010

Dedication to my Momma

It's mother's day... I love my mom SOOOO much. What else could I say?

Dark crossroads
Stumbling with each step
Bruised at every corner
Broken at every end
Rainfall heavy on the heart
Teardrops glistening threatening to fall
Yet with gritted teeth and clenched fist
Get back up and stand so tall.

Momma I'm coming back
To where you are 
To the home in my heart
and Momma please held me tight
Even with a scar
I know I'll be alright

I am what I am today because of her. Through the hard times, through the best times, she was there.
I might not be what she expects me to be but, all the same she loved me. Momma, wait a little bit. I'll make you proud. This I promise.

I love you momma :)
Still bratty even when I'm eighty,
-Nana Eddy-

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