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Friday, April 3, 2015

Just So U Know....

Just so you know,

I am a terrible person.
I sabotage people for no reason
I caused people to lose job cause I can
I make people look bad to look good
I am racist
I am sexist
I like to steal people's job.

Yes, I do that. Cause I don't freaking have any other work to do.

Because I am not busy enough juggling 50 things at the same time.

Because I'm so freaking free I need to do something like putting prejudice on people

Because out of hundreds of people with hundreds of heads and hundreds of expectations and hundreds of request, only that particular person I purposely decide to give trouble to.

Oh please.. my world does not revolve around anyone. YOU are just one of the many in the solar eclipse. so if sometimes I missed you out, don't take it to heart. It meant nothing. Yes, as much as it pains you to realize it, YOU meant nothing.

I might as well just do it. Even when I am not doing it people are saying I'm purposely doing it.

Helping people out while risking myself in the process don't get seen.
Backing them up at the cost of my own won't be appreciated.
Wrecking my brains out to find solution for them is considered an offence when it doesn't work the way they want it to.
Going extra length when it is not even my job is taken for granted.
Busting my ass to cover for their mistake is just me trying to steal their job.

Why, do I bother again?

Just a little rambling from a frustrated Brat.

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