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Friday, July 20, 2012

How to treat dry & hydrated skin

Yes, I know. With the hot & humid weather we have in South East Asia, how are we going to avoid dry & dehydrated skin?


You ask me?

Honestly, I don't have the faintest of clue to that. Hey, I barely know how to use make-up remover and my cleanser can last me for (almost) forever. i can't even remember when was the last time I bought myself one. 

Moisturiser? Scrub? Serum? What is that? I absolutely have no idea which one is which and for what.

That's why once in a while, I rely on experts for skin treatment. Just so happen, as I was searching around for some treatment for my skin I came across the upcoming CRES 9th Anniversary Sale. They are having awesome discounts for their treatments!

The best thing is that, they are having a blogging contest!

Might I mention, I am soooo aiming for the Time-release AquaCell Yoga Visage. According to CRES,
"it is a high-performance treatment for dry and dehydrated skin which reinforces skin architecture to provide a complete and thorough solution for skin hydration. Skin is highly moisturised and last for days. The Yoga lymphatic drainage stimulates the effective absorption of the rich moisture infused. The osmotic regulating features and reinforced hydrolipidic layer provide a time-release mechanism for continuous moisturizing that last for days. Key benefits - replenishes, rebalances and retains skin."
I went to one of their treatments last year and it was aweeeesooome. I never felt my skin as refreshed! If you wanna check out what they can offer you, you can get an e-invitation to the anniversary open days through the application on the Facebook Page of Cres Wellness HERE All you have to is like their page :)

If you check their page, you will see some other promos and contests as well. So head HERE now!

I'll let you know how the treatment is once I've won this contest! Muahahahahaha~~

Sincerely Bratty,



  1. There are a lot of good products out there which really does wonders to your skin, just like this Time-release Aquacell Yoga Visage. However, it won't work if you don't take the time to apply it as often as you should.

  2. oh nice! if you're looking for a light moisturizer, do try out za total hydration gel. before this, i was also looking for the miracle product for dry skin. it works prettay well so far!

    btw, love that your blog is so refreshing and honest! Keep up the good work yea! :D



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