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Tuesday, July 3, 2012

Lovey Dovey Tuesday Tips: How to Make Unwanted Girls Stop Wanting You

Girls, Women, the female gender species are VERY persistent when it comes to love. Even when they say "I don't care anymore", their actions speaks the opposite. Even when they have decided to forget, all they really do is remember and reminisce. Basically, when it comes to the matters of heart, we're really stubborn.

girls are just too stubborn. source
Last time, I wrote about "How to Not Make Unwanted Girls Fall For You" but what if she has already fallen big time for you? What if she keeps on pestering you and hoping for you even when you have already clearly say "NO" to her? So this time, I'm gonna give you some tips on how to make them stop hoping for you. So here's "How to Make Unwanted Girls Stop Wanting You".

NOTE: These tips are for those who have difficulty being absolutely mean to someone. It will hurt her, but at least it won't scar for life.

#1 - Ignore her
Try to ignore her calls as much as you can. Don't reply to her messages. If you see her somewhere, don't go and say Hi to her. If she comes and say hi to you, find a reason to leave. Always create an excuse to excuse yourself. Even better, make it obvious. That way she might get the hint that she is un-welcomed.
#2 - Get a girl to answer your phone
If you just don't have anymore heart to ignore her calls, ask a girl to answer your phone for you. Tell her it's your friend. Or even better, your girlfriend (if you have the guts/heart to do so). During conversation, you can even ask the girl-friend to interrupt you - like asking you to be quick, etc. Cut the conversation short.

#3 - Talk about other girls with her.
If you can't avoid talking to her, tell her stories about that girl you have had your eyes on. Or some girl that you adore so much, or find special about. Make sure to sound sincere and even better excited when telling her the stories. Do it each time you talk with her. If you are chatting face to-face with her, point out some hot chick that passes by and tell her u find that chick hot/beautiful.

#4 - Bring a friend
When you have to meet her for whatever reason, always bring a friend along. If it's a guy, it's fine, if it's a girl, even better. Don't ask for permission, just bring. Family members doesn't count. It must be a friend. For more effect, bring a friend she doesn't know. If you bring a family member (siblings, cousin, etc) She might mistook it as a recognition instead - you bringing your closest family member to introduce to her.

#5 - Pay more attention to other girls
In a crowd (like reunion, gathering etc) she would probably try to single you out by standing/sitting close to you and try to engage conversations with you. If this happen, give your attention to some other girl *CAUTION make sure the other girl knows what you are doing or you might give her the wrong idea. If you didn't have time to warn other girl-friend, then move about and meet a lot of different girls, don't single them out. Or you can move about with a guy friend - it's safer.


#6 - Make yourself scarce
Don't be available to her. Make it difficult for her to see you or hear from you. Don't go to places you know she frequent. If you want to help her to get over you, you have to allow her some time away. The best way to forget someone is to actually not see them for awhile. So, try not to make it difficult for her.

#7 - Lie (from wiki-how)
I personally don't like people who lie. But in this case, it might help you. Lie to her, even better if she knows it. Like - "sorry, I have to help my mom" but then you 'accidentally' met her while you're meeting up with friends (or other girls). It would make you look bad, but it will also become a turn off for her. *Caution this can only be effective if you don't have mutual good friends. It's gonna be bad if the word spreads around and it destroy your chances with other girls.

#8 - Be ruthlessly honest
"You're annoying me, stop." or "I don't like you" or "You're ugly". If you think that's the truth, just tell her that. Don't be reserved and try to take care of her. (I like this more than #7.) Instead of lying, be extremely honest that it might make her feel hurt. Point out the things you don't like.

be blunt. source
#9 - Don't give her mix signal
Means don't be kind at one time and cruel the other. Be consistent. Don't try to lessen the effect by being nice. If u give her mixed signal, she'll choose to ignore the negative ones and only focus on the positive. You'll never get her off you that way - ever.

#10 - Say "I don't like you" rather than "I'm Not Ready"
If she's pressuring for a relationship, don't try to dodge it by saying "I'm not ready". When you put it that way, what she will understand (or hope) is that when you are ready, you will choose her - which rarely is the case. Better to straight out say "I don't like you" or "I have no feelings for you".
Too much? But that's the reality~

#11 - Get a girlfriend
Get a steady real girlfriend for yourself. Not just the one that you casually dating. If you have to, introduce this girlfriend to her. As long as you're single, and as long as you're just "mingling" around, she'll assume you're "open for public" and thinks she still has a chance. So, get yourself a girlfriend!!

I know, some of my suggestions might sound a bit cruel and ruthless to you. But, trust me. It's better this way. By being kind to her you are actually being even more cruel towards her. If you are being kind to her because you didn't want to lose a friend, then you are not being a friend at all. You are just selfish. Why? because all u think is about yourself, how u don't want to lose a friend, or how u don't want to be seen as the bad/cruel guy. You're not thinking what's the best for her. By being kind, you are simply stringing her along. She won't see anyone else but you, she won't open her heart to others. She'll keep on comparing other guys with you - and you'll win every time. In other words, you don't want her, but you still keep a leash on her. She won't be able to move on - That's the truth.

It's better to be ruthless~ Source

How do I know this? First and foremost, as bratty as I am, I'm still a girl. Second, I was in that "unwanted girls" shoe. Sometimes, it felt like I just wanted to let myself be stringed along by that guy because I liked it. But, then I started to hate myself - and that is where I drew the line. I can't be by someone's side when I hate myself this much. I have to start liking myself back, and in order to do that, I had to cut the strings. I was lucky cause during that time, the guy behaved in a way that made it easy for me - (some of the things I mentioned above). It was hard, it was hurtful, it felt cruel and at first it felt lonely, but as I gradually drifted away from him, I felt I was able to like myself again, I was happier, and I realized other things I wanted in life - other things I might not be able to achieve if I were to end up with him. So I didn't hate him. In fact I was thankful and grateful towards him. He was a good friend, and still is. We are still friends now, and perhaps will forever be.

Oh yeah, if you guys are trying to woo a girl, those up there are an ABSOLUTE NO-NO. If you do that, you can say goodbye to your chances with her.

That's all the tips I have for now. Hope it helps u. Take care~
The Brat,

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  1. aww, thats sad, why do we break girls' heart. Can i want them all? Lol! XD

  2. haha.. this is a nice one.. i used to experience that, this girl.. kept coming, made me afraid.. i dont want anything from her but.. she never gave up.. so i mixed more with other girls, so she has no chance of coming close :P

  3. @Isaac. Let ur gf read then you know~~ haha

    @ken. That's good tactic~

  4. Hahaha. Nice post. And it should be "wife" not gf. Haha. =)

  5. @shiok Leong. err that's true. it didn't cross my mind. haha. probably because I'm not thinking about marriage yet.

  6. It is somewhat true actually and I agree with you it sounds cruel but this is all it takes to stop accumulating more hopes and more pain in the future. Nice write up, Nana! :)

  7. @Qi Wen. Thanks :) glad u agreed.

  8. Woah so mean!! =( But it's for the best I guess...

  9. @Charmaine, it's the very best. I've always wished that I was able to cut the strings sooner. It would've saved me a lot of pain and heartache.

  10. Why this post suddenly in your 'home'? I keep checking and re-checking the date because it stated 'Tuesday, July 3, 2012' but your last comment in August 2, 2011 -_-''' Maybe this is an indication to me of how to not keep insisting on liking the girl that obviously don't have the same feeling('unwanted guy') toward me. By following your advises, I suppose I can forget her once and for all :'(

  11. LOL this has never happened to me. Ehh please join the Cres Blogging Contest. Check out my tips here. =)

  12. this type of person, it must be u kan? LOL :X

  13. the last point is the main point for most normal gals. My ex got this gal interested in him when we're still together. Till now he's still avoiding after we broke up for so many years. Some gals you can't just kick them out off your life once you invited them in (even as friends)



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