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Saturday, December 3, 2011

Bloggers Chemistry with Coffee??

It's time to clear the dusts and cobwebs that has started to collect at the corner of my blog. How else more purrrrfffect than a bloggers' get together?

And so, (was it last weekend?) Mr. Clever Munkey, a.k.a Henry Lee organized another blogger get together at one of our fellow bloggers' place, the Coffee Chemistry Signature (CCS) in First Subang Mall, Subang Jaya.

Here's Mr.Munkey with the Munkey I gave him. Lol~
The Entrance to The Lovely Shop (Pics Credit to CCS)
Before I go on and on about Bloggers that show up that day, let me promote this lovely place first. Because I'm telling you, this shop is such a pleasant place to chill!! The ambiance and the food, totally a turn on! I didn't take pictures of the shop (since when I arrive the were already a lot of people there) But here's some food we ordered just to tease you!

Thai Spicy Assam Fish Pasta
The Smell of this dish ummm~~~ it was really tempting. Looking at others enjoying it, I was hoping I had ordered it instead. It looks scrumptious! And according to them, IT IS! I'm definitely going back to try it. 

Baked Chicken Chop with Home made Mushroom sauce.
I loved the wedges. Crispy and delicious. The chicken was tender and nice too. The upper picture was the special set created for us, chicken and juice - so it become more affordable, but still filling! The second picture was on my plate. I ordered the food ala-carte coz I don't want the Juices. and I requested for the gravy to be separated. But this proves to be tooo much for me. I ended up asking Elwyn to finish my second piece of Chicken. And the CCS was very kind to preheat the second piece for me :) Thumbs up for both the dish and customer service!

Angus Beef Steak with In-house Signature Sauce 
This was a special treat for us since the dish was actually much more expensive than they gave us. According to Isaac, "the meat was really tender and tasty" And it really worth for the money. 

Chicken Wings with Sauce (Don't remember the name sorry) 
This was my favorite of the day. Thanks to Kian Fai for allowing me to have a taste of this absolutely SCRUMPTIOUS dish. Definitely a must-try for you who wants to eat something filling but not too heavy. Perfect for snacks. I WANT MORE of this!!!

But, their most special feature is of course, their coffee. They are the 1st cafe in Malaysia serving world's finest coffee (Graffeo). And Oh boy, it was delicious.

Here's some picture of their coffee art. Pics credited to CCS.

Okay, enough promoting the cafe. Next, let's see those faces who shown up at the cafe that very fine, rainy day. (hehe)

Group photo (pic credit to 

Group photo
Group photo
First time meeting with Charmaine and April.
First meeting with Jq Lee. She hands me my prize, Beautylicious eye shadow.
With one of the owner, Johnson 

                                            1st time meeting with Eunice                                 Ryan Mo trying to look thin (?)                           

               Elwyn drinking Mushroom Gravy?     Jayren the guy who don't drink coffe adding sugar to latte

Elwyn the masseus of the day~ lol                             Kian Fai focussing on food.

                              April and Charmaine pretending to look busy                               Guess who? 

All in all, we had a great day. Maybe the next lou-sang gathering can be done here too? Bloggers do have chemistry with coffee after all XD



  1. ada chicken wing tapi tak ada muka saya LOL!

  2. Haha..finally update huh? hehe. Nice to have met you too! :D

  3. EH? Betul betul bz tau! LOL!! Nice to meet you too!

  4. nice monkey there! :P thanks for coming... it's good to see all of there and enjoy good food... see u again ya! :)

  5. You guys had fun huh~ Too bad I have something to do on that day :(

  6. it looks great. wish i can join this kind of group...

  7. so niceee! i wish i can make it too! :(

  8. so niceeee to meet u tooo! nana! xDD

  9. nice! would love to join next time :)


  10. Nooooooooooooo...why I must be stuck in Kedah (okay, sometimes I wish I were in KL. Like, now) Cannot meet all you amazing bloggers *heh. heh heh...I am such a fan*



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