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Sunday, December 4, 2011

Aladdin the Musical @ Sunway Lagoon Surf Beach

Let me start this with a heartfelt thanks to who had forwarded my name to the organizers who in turn gave me 2 free tickets to watch the show. And of course, thank you to the organizers who gave the tickets, even though, I have no idea who they are.

Before I go into the musical itself, I hereby want to announce that I, Nana Eddy the Brat, will NEVER EVER EVER going to ANY events being held at SUNWAY LAGOON SURF BEACH EVER AGAIN!! not unless they improve on their parking system or someone else drop me off, or someone else is driving or work related.

It was the worst experience I had in finding a parking - even worst than in KL or any other place for that matter. I was there for the first MTV World Stage in 2009 and at that time, I had to walk in the dark from the only parking space I could find for at least 15 minutes! But at least, they provided a parking space - even if it was damn far from the actual venue.

I thought after 2 years, things would have improved, but NO! it gets worst!. I actually spent 2 effing f**king hours just find a parking spot. Oh, and not to mention the rude worker that insist I go out when I haven't even parked! (It was an auto pay parking and I had passed the minutes for free parking coz I was stuck in a jam INSIDE the parking lot). He actually cornered me in with a cones which cause me not able to move at all! So, in the end, I did, what every sensible, hot headed, blood boiled brat would do - run over the cones.

To make it worst, because of the stupid incident of not being able to park, when I arrived at the entrance of the Surf Beach, I was not allowed to go in because the show had already started. OF COURSE IT HAS! I was stuck in the stupid parking lot for 2 hours!!!! And then, when I was complaining about it, they suddenly decided to allow me in, and they LEFT ME alone wondering HOW THE HELL to get to the amphitheater!

I felt like a lost kitty~
When I started to ask around, then only, they motion me to wait at the place I initially were and wait for a buggy. To top it off, when the buggy finally arrive, and we finally reach the amphitheater, it was already the second part of the show. Great. I missed half of the show.

I mean seriously. You boast of doing big shows, events and everything at your place. That is FINE. It's GREAT. But seriously??? Do something about your parking system will you? It is no use if you have a great place but people can't get to it. It's no good if you aim for ppl to have fun, but even BEFORE entering your place, people are already in a foul mood. It would definitely cloud the whole event. It did for me.

Also in the same predicament as me, Isaac and My Sis (we came separately)
Okay, enough ranting.

About the musical, through the half hour of what is left of the musical, I must say, I was honestly quite shocked at how okay the sound system was - I mean, considering it to be an amphitheater. I thought it would've been worst. Well, it wasn't the best, but it wasn't at all the worst. The stage was beautiful, the lighting was awesome, costumes was colorful and lively. The flame throwers during the opening of act 2 was definitely a good touch on their part.

I don't really like what the main cast wore except for the Genie, and Jasmine unfortunately, look fat in most dresses. I saw her picture without the dresses posted by other fellow bloggers at meet the cast session, and I know she's not fat. What's worst is that her makeup makes her look ugly, compared to the good looking Aladdin.

Jasmine and Aladdin

Aladdin, Sultan and Jaafar
However, I love the mask that the guy ensembles wore during Jaafar's song. And the ladies look saxayyyy!!! (Sorry no pic. I was not able tp take out my dslr since the security is standing quite near to me). I hate the last costumes though. Jasmine's and Aladdin's wedding dress and head dress are hideous. The male ensembles look like they are wearing their big brother's clothes that are too big for them.

The casts~~~. Of course, like most people would've find, I love the energetic genie. He plays his role very nicely and he have a lot of witty and humorous lines. His personality was so giddy, that it annoy my sister out of her skin. lols.

Look at the Genie's Antics~ lol

The one playing Jaafar is amazing in staying in character. I am quite sure that the voice he use to play Jaafar is not his real voice, but how the hell did he managed to sing with that very same voice??? lols.

Princess Jasmine's role on the second act was a bit dull since it was mostly hogged by the Genie, and the Slave of ring however, her voice during "a whole new world" was definitely beautiful. Too bad her costumes do not do justice for her.

Aladdin on the other hand, was charming. I've seen his pictures, and I never thought that I would be enchanted by this prince. I guess he's just not that photogenic, cause seeing him acting in real life, could almost (I repeat ALMOST) make me fall for him. And OMG, does he have the most manly beautiful voice! heheh~

My favorite song. Both of them sounded beautiful.
Pic credit to Isaac Tan. 
The storyline however, is a bit too rushed. I feel like someone is urging it to run quickly that it didn't give you time to swallow some of their punches. It's almost like they want to get over and done with it as quickly as they can. It leaves you with the feeling of "huh? is this it? It's finished already?"

and actually, there were too much promotion of Sunway Lagoon throughout that short half hour. It kinda get on people's nerve. However, the snowing part on the show was quite a nice surprise. It creates a blissful and beautiful ambiance of sort.
Love the Snow, But hate the ugly Tiara. 
But still I enjoyed the half show that I watched. The actors and dancers were great, despite the shortcomings of the show. I wouldn't mind seeing the same casts in act again, if only it were better produced.

Here's a sneak peak of "A Whole New World". But let me warn you, this recording feels nothing like watching it real life and letting their beautiful voices fill up your ears. You have to go there and listen to them yourself to really feel what I mean. This clip is credited to

Should you watch it? I'd say go if you don't mind the troubles I had. Should you pay to watch it? That one is up to you. I'd say it's still ok, but hey, I watched it for free. Enveeus would've said go for it! but Tony would've said No Way! Click on their names to read their review :)

That's it from the Brat,


  1. i think it's okay to me :) quite nice, at least it brings much entertainment to the kids, you can see how overjoyed are they at that night.


  2. huh i hate place that didn't provide enough parking space really, even 15 min would annoy me if i need to find the parking space.
    i think you should write about this matter to newspaper,comment about the rude worker too. they will take immediate action to prevent these matters from jeopardize their business.
    keep writing, i love to read your opinion.

  3. i agree over the lack of parking. and the show too actually, it was really disaapointing for me. I expected so much more from their setup and costumes, and backdrop. It was so simple! ><

  4. I've been to all 3 musicals held at the Amphitheatre and I must say that Aladdin is the BEST of them all. Sunway is noted for the jam and all so when I'm bound to be in such events I had to make sure that I leave very very early in order to be able to arrive there extra early to fight for parking lots too. So sorry to hear about your predicament. They should take this as a constructive critism to improve for their own good :)

  5. Sunway's parking is really a bitch sometimes, it's always so freaking jam. Too bad that you missed the earlier half and at least you still get to watch it (:

  6. I assume you tried to get a parking in the basement which is commonly happened? I will only go up and up and that's it...but the one with the least ppl would be their tower car park at the hotel which i absolutely hated and it's far, i still think pyramid's parking ok...the car park which i hated is midvalley and also all malls situated in KL...i was there late around 7 plus but i didn't spot any jam at my parking area.. =/

  7. I parked at the orange zone and walked all the way to surf beach LOL. Btw thanks for linking my review on your post here =)


  8. Aw man, to be honest that sounds like what could have been a PERFECT DISASTER. Tsk tsk...sunway lagoon, shame on you. Especially so for not inviting me *broods*

    I agree, aladdin looks SMOKING. And in reply to your questiion, yes!! I got invited! Which could only mean you got invited (or else you wouldn't have asked) which could only mean I'LL GET TO SEE YOU THERE!!!!!

    Hun, we must meet up. We must.

  9. Hi there...
    Thanks for linking me up here. :)

    Haha I totally love musicals so my review might be a little biased. However, if compared to the last musicals showed at Sunway Lagoon, I think this one is the best - with more elaborate costumes too. But I think you're right, there are some of the costumes that don't look very flattering or fitting. The tiara is horrible.. I would've liked it more if she wears something more modern looking than the 80's puffed up look.

    Parking is stressing at Pyramid whenever there are events.. Although I was lucky I arrived at Pyramid by 7pm and got a parking space at 7.15pm on Gala Night.. It's either you go right down to the basement or right up to the roof. The parking lots in between those two levels are always full. And don't even think of parking near the hotel area. That's a nightmare..

  10. Hai nana...found ur blog from Aki Borneo :) salam pkenalan...

  11. @Fish yeah that's true. But for an average Jane like me, It feels a bit too expensive.
    @yong nah~ I'm probably a blogger for that reason. Don't want to escalate this matter. Just sharing my geramness here.. hehe
    @Isaac ditto. The worst thing for me was actually the promoting. There's too much of it. It gives bad name to musicals.
    @Hilda yeap. But sad coz I only got to watch the handsome Aladdin a short while only~
    @Eric, I parked at the hotel. I still cannot believe what happened that night~
    @Tony. I would've done that if I wasn't already late, and If I wasn't alone. Walking back all the way alone in the middle of the night, does not suit me well.
    @Punk I can't. Got to work. Lets arrange a different meet up later k?
    @Bella no prob. Your post helps me a lot when I was deciding to go or not. That's probably why I was disappointed when I watched the real show. Well, it's not a total lost cause though~ I parked at the hotel basement. I regretted my decision that night. lols~
    @Elih. thanks for dropping by!

  12. nye asek dpyt g event je..nana NAK JUGERKRRR!!!! haha seriously,jeles ngan u!!haha tergelak2 i bc review u ni coz it sounds soooo kelam klibut, one scene u love it then u hate it, then u admired again n then hate it again.haha funny LOL~ XD d funniest is d ugly tiara..haha i dun know y its sounds so many to me!haha..nice review indeed!! =))

    btw dear, i tagged u klu ade mase n rjin jawab la k..hehe

  13. Love the genie too!! He can rap, sing, dance!

    Pity you at the carpark dear... I know how it is... I won't park in Sunway Pyramid carpark again. Try to park in the hotel's instead.

  14. @Suzai. will do when I can XD

    @Charmaine actually, I parked at the hotel basement. Hate it MAX!

  15. Eh, bila nak Belanja I for Aladdin? :)

  16. A good collection of even pictures. You know what, I am one of the biggest fans of Aladdin.

    1. even pictures? ahahhaa. I honestly have no idea what it meant. But thanks, I think.
      I love Aladdin too! But this production is a bit unsatisfying for Aladdin lover like me :)



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