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Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Nuffnang Blog Awards, Here I come!!!

I've been debating on writing about this or about My Nuffnang stories. Well, as much as I love Nuffnang, I have not many story I can share - well, save meeting up with bloggers - but this one, I've wrote about NUMEROUS times. Writing it again will just be redundant.

Come 16 December 2011, 500 bloggers from around the Asia-Pacific region will flock to Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia for the Nuffnang Asia-Pacific Blog Awards 2011 in Putrajaya Marriott. The Awards aims to not only honour the region's best bloggers, but also to bring together blogger communities from across Asia-Pacific. The Nuffnang Asia-Pacific Blog Awards is brought to you by Volkswagen Malaysia and Putrajaya Marriott.

So to win an invite for the prestigious event, I decided to come out with three reasons why I want should attend this mega event.


See, this event will be featuring some of the top bloggers in Asia. As an aspiring-top-blogger-to-be, I just have to be there and take down notes you know. See what top bloggers should wear, how they should act, how humble/smug one must be. So that when it's my time to shine, I'll know EXACTLY how to act.

#2 For future fame

As a top blogger, networking is A MUST. I mean, a top blogger would know a lot of other bloggers, the owners of corporates, organizers of the event, the media. Well, some not-so-top bloggers do have all these, but what differentiate them from top bloggers is that top bloggers have the right connection. So, in order to cope with my (probably nonexistent)  future fame, I have to be there to make the right networking. Correct? I think they would also be lucky to have me in their networking. Muahahaha~

#3 For ME

What other reason is there for me to be there? Just being the fabulous me should me enough. Heck, people should be on their knees begging me to come!!!

But since no one seems to recognize that, I guess, it's me who needs to be on my knees instead~


The Brat who really wants an invite,


  1. LOL....good luck and hope u get an invite

  2. Hopefully you get pair or more invites ticket so that si Aki can accompany you there.. Ha ha ha..

  3. @Eric - I'm crossing my fingernails now~ ahahaha

    @Aki, it's one invitation only la~ dia x bagi 2. so u have to do the post. cepat, today the last day!

  4. Haha~ nice one. Hope u get the invite!! XD

  5. wow i wanna grab an invitation too! :D

  6. LOL good luck to u! Still no idea yet for my post :(

  7. Great post, love the humour! Hope u'll get the invite! No.2 will never work for me. I don't have the time & I don't like networking. Hence, I'll never be a top blogger. Lol! I'm just happy with my current status :) Happy blogging, Nana!

  8. lol! cute post! all the best yea!

  9. ah, i wanna go but a bit lazy to write a post for it lol.

    in response to your question, watching Tower Heist with home media may be just as good as watching it at the cinemas =)

    Adventures of Tintin 3D movie review

  10. Hello Nana! Are you open for link exchange?

    Please reply once you read my request, if you're iterested, I'll add you.


  11. @Kahmon. Thanks! ehehe
    @fish. go go go!
    @Charmaine. Thanks! All the best to u too!
    @Blackswan thanks XD Well... there are other ways to do so~~
    @camy thanks!
    @tony, don't be lazy!! btw, thanks for the info!
    @teh tarik. thanks bro!
    @henry sure!

  12. LMAO this is SO GOOD! You're sure to be invited xDD Ahahaha I crappe doff with my post. Seriously, I did. Now I'm looking at everyone's post (Why didn't I do that BEFORE, I started writing??? WHY???) I see everyone giving serious answers...

    X(....oh well

    xDDD Good luck girl! I hope you make it!

  13. haiyoo..nice,simple n cute!nana GOOD LUCK dear..haha klu xd org nak teman JGN LUPE AJAK I..hehe..



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