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Thursday, November 10, 2011

The Cancordia Delicious Scare!!!

Guess what! After a week or so AFTER Halloween I got a delicious scare from Concordia! It's their super awesome Trick or Treat Bag! I had to go through such hurdles in order to get my hand on this bag, and FINALLY, I managed to do so. I was soooo excited! (Because I never get anything related to Halloween before!)

I was worried at first. Well, it is a TRICK or TREAT bag after all. Luckily, all things inside the bag was Yummy treats!!

Okay let's see one by one what we have here
Flower Keep - Flora Key (nude)
Spirit Heart Locket - Navy Heart
Special surprise! Some "body parts" candies~~
Like what you see here? For JUST RM25 you can have this or something similar!!! Normal price will cost you about RM50++ so quickly! Go get it before it ends!

You should go to their page and see other accessories they sell. It is so very pretty! You should also like their fb page so u can be updated with the latest designs from them!

Anyway, that aside, I'm supposed to model the accessories I got. But since it's late, and since my brother have an unsteady hand, the pictures turned out... well.... blurry. ahahah~ and the model is not really fit to become one, but who cares! hehe. Here you go XD

The REAL Horrorrrrr!! ahahah~

See ya guys later!


  1. Oh,damn unsteady.. But He took well than me in potraiture.. Ho ho ho.. And I'm hungry seeing those candy.. Ha ha ha..

  2. Yup. And I was too tired to wait for my sis to come back and take the pictures, and too much overdue to wait for siang for better lighting. So have to make do.

    You want those candies? See if you can be REAAL sweet to me first! ahahah~

  3. i got the same flower keeper as yours too! it's nice rite? :D love it


  4. Nice goody bag! Lucky u, the accessories look gorgeous on you. Have a lovely weekend!

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  6. why guys no free accessories!!! =(



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