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Tuesday, January 26, 2010


A friend of mine introduced me to this product. Truth be said I was absolutely skeptical about it. "Get real!! This is so bogus!" Well, until I tried the bar myself. Now I'd say, "Don't hate me when you see me next with soft flawless skin.. hoho"

The best thing about the bar is that it can be used for the whole body, not just for face. It's even effective for hair loss - seriously. I was never the one with too much skin problem, but my hair fall - I could only describe it as the leaves falling on the autumn season. Yeah, very bad, and so my friend ask me to try this and it works!

How many of you spent countless of money to buy skincare products but only to have little or no result? How many of you spent thousands of Ringgit to get your hair back only to lose it all again? Or, do you know anyone else who does? Really, I recommend you to try this product. Compared to hundreds and thousands of ringgit you've spent before, try out this product, one bar should be enough - at a price of RM95. Yes, I know, for a small bar it seems too much, but the results really befits the price. Now let's compare,

TREATMENTS                                                      PRICE

1. Whitener                                              RM250.00
2. eye bag remover                                   RM 298.00
3. closing up pores                                     up to RM10,000 / treatment
4. Toner                                                   RM 50.00 - RM200.00
5. Concealer                                             up to RM1416.00
6. Anti aging cream, moisturizer etc               up to RM1,000.00 
7. Collagen (Vitamin C , Botox or laser)         RM 5000.00 and above
8. Normal facial treatment                           RM 200.00 - 300.00

Well, not such a bad deal if I may say so. With eumora, u don't need those other things. One product is all u need. And, if you apply to your face, all you need is three minutes to see instant results. Seriously!!

However, During the healing Crisis, Conditions Mentioned Below May Occur

• Skin Starts To Become Dry / Peel
Dead skin layer starts to peel off due to the effect of active cell regeneration and cell rejuvenation. Peeling usually will last for 2 -7 days. For some users, peeling will take a longer time till their skin condition has improved. This condition will slowly improve and your skin will eventually be continuously hydrated from inside out and you will not need to use moisturizers ever! Continue using the bar, Shorten the usage to 30 seconds/1 minute per wash.

• Skin Starts To Feel Painfull
New skin is formed and the new skin is very sensitive now. This also can happen when it is over use it. Stop using the bar for roughly 2 - 5 days until the pain finally relief. Continue using the bar, Shorten the usage to 30 seconds/1 minute per wash.

• Pimples Starts Popping Up
Part of detoxification process. Pimples will dry up and heal in short time, duration is varied from individual to individual depending on you face skin condition. As long as you ignore them, they will disappear soon enough and you will see your skin become even smoother and glowy. Continue using the bar, Shorten the usage to 30 seconds/1 minute per wash.

• Dark/Red Spots Can Be Seen (very rare, unless your face skin is very unhealthy).
This is part of detoxification process. Dark spot will faded and disappearing in the short time. Duration is varied from individual to individual depending on your skin condition. Continue using the bar, Shorten the usage to 30 seconds/1 minute per wash.

BEWARE of copycats. Some of you might have heard of Amoorea product. Which claims to be exactly like Eumora only cheaper. I found it here. Everything it claimed there almost sounds true. I almost believe it myself and started to doubt eumora. But, with a simple check on their 'supposed' headquarters the Envair Holding Sdn Bhd in Shah Alam, proves that it is bogus. Why you say? simple, Envair holding is not a cosmetic company, they install clean rooms!! or as they stated, they are "fully integrated clean environmental engineering technology service provider". Now that does not sound like a company which produces soap bars now does it? You can click here for their main website if you don't believe me. But, I also found a seem to be like real website which shows that the product is genuine and it came from Hong Kong and Thailand here. Another one claims that the product had officially been launch at Sunway Pyramid last June. It also claims to be the endorser for Miss Malaysia. So judge for yourself okay!

Oh yeah tips, the new Eumora comes with an authenticity seal. check it out before you buy okay!!

Just recently, I was at a convention at KLCC Convention Centre. The crowd is proof enough

I was lucky enough to be able to meet the executives in the eSABee corporation. There were, some impressive people over there. Oh yeah, I forgot to mention that eumora is a product of eSABee, a company from Singapore. You can check them out here. Yup. they are not some bogus company, They are the micro-algae technology experts which is one of the ingredients of the bar as well as moor.

If you want to know more about the product, just mail me at If you want to try out the product you can also e-mail me and we'll see who is available near your place. If you want to order the product, you are more than welcome to contact me.

Again this is just my opinion. Hey, don't hate me... I'm just a brat XD

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