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Thursday, January 21, 2010

Allah is for Muslims???

Yup, I waited until everyone is exhausted listening to this issue to write up my opinion. Like always, I'm a step lagging behind. That doesn't mean I don't have any view on the matter though.

I was sent an e-mail by a journalist from an online news website. She's a non Muslim which I will refer as P. Here's the first e-mail (which she sent to many)

Hey guys!

I need your opinion! The reason why I messaged you guys is to ask for your thoughts on the Allah issue. Yes I know. Sensitive. But we want to prove that young people are level-headed and reasonable. I need answers that seek to calm, not provoke.

However, your feelings on this, no matter which way it blows, is 100% accepted. Go ahead and speak up. (Subject to the Editor's touch la of coz!) Say what you feel, but temper it with reason. Give me your email/MSN if you are keen.


I feel it's great that they wanted to know about youth's view and so I replied.

Allah is not an 'issue'. I feel it's not appropriate to use the word 'issue' here since 'issue' refers to a problem. If u say using the word 'Allah' to refer to Jesus - issue, then it will be okay. 

As far as I am concern, there is not much of an issue if they want to use the term. It's not new. Sometimes, translations does use the term Jesus to indicate Allah as well - for better understanding. However, I do understand the fuss that is going on. To Muslim, Allah is the one and only god. He is not born nor does He bore. In christian however, they have the trinity concept. Where there is the father, the son and the holy spirit. This may be misleading to those who have poor knowledge of Islam. There were many - although unproven rumor that many Muslims have converted into other religion. Now, apostasy is not something that is acceptable to Muslims. Just like any other religion, they worry when their fellow followers, stray from 'the right path'. and so, using the term 'Allah' to signify other God than the one that we believe in is somewhat disturbing, when we look at the potential confusing that it would bring. The using the word is not such a big issue, but the catastrophe it would bring due to being confused is.

For me, the question I want to ask is not whether they could or could not use the term, instead what I want to ask is WHY? They too have their own term for their god "Jesus".. Then why do they need to use the term 'Allah'? What is their reasoning behind using the term? Are they purposely trying to evoke the wrath of people? Are they purposely trying to create chaos? Or is it merely an attempt to be 'poetic' gone awry? No matter how I look at it, I still want to know why? what is the need? I really hope that the Herald team would be able to give an ample reason for it.

As for the bombing that is allegedly related to the case. All I can say is that whoever it was is either purposely trying to wreck havoc or are extremely idiot. We don't know who it was or what religion or ethnic they are from but if they were Muslim, please parade them around in bound and shackles to be spit and throw stones upon. FYI in Islam, we are forbidden to attack worship houses (rumah ibadat) be it a church, a temple or a mosque. In fact our prophet (back when they always went to war) told his subjects to spare the people who seek refuges inside the worship houses. None are to be harmed and touch. And so I feel the people who tries to insult or destroy a religious home doesn't deserve to live peacefully. 

and then, P replied to me

Hi Nana, thanks for your answer. Appreciate your feedback. :) Would like you to elaborate though.

1) what do you think is the effect of these bombings on our country's image?
2) What is the big picture to you? (big picture: ie, we need to live in peace., etc etc)
3) how do you think this issue can be resolved? Whats should be the right and fair reaction by all Malaysians?

And so, without fully answering her question, I answered...

The bombings would definitely mar the image of the country, without a doubt. But, I don't think it would permanently destroy the image - just as long as the culprit is apprehended, and they don't make it a trend to bomb things. Maybe I am foolishly optimistic or perhaps naive, but I see so many good things still here in our country, and so much potentials that can be used and exploited. Any and every country in the world, no matter how advanced, peaceful or calm it seems on the surface has their own internal dispute and turmoil - That's how we learn, so that we know how to improve ourselves.

I would love to paint a picture where people will start looking at the positive things and be thankful. When looking at the negative things, the thing they would be focusing on is how to improve the situation, instead of how bad or negative the situation is. It's good to acknowledge and analyze the problems at hand, but instead of working towards the solution, people tend to only focus on the problem - and that makes the problem worst. Painting a bleak picture to people who are ignorant and without thinking, those people started and joined the riot - without actually getting the correct information and even worse, without knowing what they are really doing. 'Peace' i believe is a condition of mind. What some people finds peaceful might be boring to others. This 'bored' people are the ones who create 'excitement'. and 'excitement' to some people might mean riot, turmoil, or even war for many others.

I agree with the government's decision to request the Herald to take out the term. I am not being racist here, but it's the thing that would calm the conventional minds. After retracting the term, if there are some people who is still trying to create an uproar, then perhaps, that person has a different agenda on mind, and should be investigated thoroughly. Whatever it is that would be done, one thing I would never consent to is if they use an outsider's influence. Meaning, seeking help from outside/ other country's power. That would only be repeating the same mistake that our forefathers did, when they allow the British to meddle into internal disputes - which then leads to our country being colonized for hundreds of years. As for the bombing cases, anyone with any information should come forward. Let's get those moron.

Yup, I'm lazy. I'm even cheating on writing my blog!!Lols. But it is my true opinion. Even as I read it again, I didn't want to change any of it - period.

The religion is sacred, it's the people who makes it look like it's corrupted - just another opinion from a brat.
 -Nana Eddy-

p/s: Here's an article from Malaysian Today about the issue - note my name :) haha

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