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Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Cheater Cheats!!

Cheater cheats!! And man, I feel like a cheater already. I cheat a lot of days of updating this blog. Didn't I made a vow to myself that I would key in at least once in two days? I guess, my laziness just besieged my will.

Which brings me to my topic today (or very early morning I should say) cheating. People would usually ask question why people cheat. Women are always asking why men cheat. In the matter of cheating, there's infidelity, cheating in exams, cutting the queue, etc etc... I would say, there would never be a clear answer to that. There are always going to be more than one reason or variables (if I want to make it 'sound' more scientific). There would always be just another 'trick' up 'in the sleeves'.

So what I want to ask is not why, but rather who. Who cheats? And then I'll answer to myself, everyone. EVERYONE cheats in one way or the other. It could be cheating on their partners, in exams, in their diet, their vow, cheating on themselves, basically just about anything. They may not mean it, but they certainly do. So why even argue on that matter. Statistically or not, both men and women lie and cheats. Don't care what the figure shows, to me, it is in the same amount.

One kind of cheating we do to ourselves unconsciously is rationalizing. When things seems bad or when we are put under pressure, or when we just don't really think before we act, we do what psychologist and researchers called rationalizing. In other words, we assign meaning to our actions, just to make it plausible at that time. When I was reading at theory, I can't help but to nod in agreement. I know I do rationalizing, do you?

So, when is it alright to cheat? When is it not? As a ground rule, cheating is wrong. People should not lie, or cheat. But what if truths just cause pain and hurt? Then, does lies and cheat doesn't? Often we thought that lies could shelter people from being hurt by the truth, but without intending to, we actually hurt them even more with lies. What about cheating to ourselves to ensure our own happiness, contentedness in our lives. Then, at those times, would we be smiling more then when we admit the truth?

People make choices. At the time we usually think it's the right one. Like it or not, we have to live with the choices we made. Cheating is also a choice. It's either the truth or lies. Middle lines does not exist. It's just our fabrication made by rationalizing. I'm not suggesting that cheating is right, I'm not saying it's wrong either. It's up to u to choose.

I'm just another brat with opinions.
-Nana Eddy-

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