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Thursday, November 26, 2009

Humans and Animals

These are my beloved cats. Kiki and Koko. Yeah, I know, I know.. what a classic funny name... well, my dad gave it, I just follow him. Anyway, what I want to talk about isn't about their names. Looking at this picture, most people will think that these two are mom and child... Well, if you think that too, you thought wrong. These two has no blood relation whatsoever.

I like to say that Koko is the adopted child of Kiki. You see, Koko's real mom basically ignored her and left her to die. So, we took her in. The first day we brought Koko home, Kiki - like most other over pampered house cat do, - got jealous and didn't return home for two days. Then, when she did came home, we decided to keep her in the cage, together with the little one.

After two days, a miracle happened. The two of them just cannot be separated! Up to when the little one got sick and sent to a clinic, Kiki was meowing looking for her. When Koko was finally brought back, and we need to seclude her in a different cage, guess what happened? Kiki would always be sitting in front of the cage. If Kiki disappear for a while, the little one would be meowing non stop. - and Kiki hurriedly come back to the front of the cage! When the little one got better, and the seclusion is finished, another funny yet amazing thing happen. This little one who got separated from it's mother to early, craves for milk and had been sucking it from Kiki!! Kiki doesn't have milk with her since she's not pregnant, but it just let the kid do what it wants to do. Even when her breast got injured and bleeds due to the kid's teeth, she still allows it!! Now, the kid is still doing whatever she likes, and Kiki entertain her, plays with her, and even begs for food for the kid. She seldom went out of house, if she does, she'll hurry home.

I was awed. I mean. this is animals, two cats with no relation we're talking about. If animals - which cannot think and only act with their instincts, can come to love other's child, put aside their differences and live harmoniously with each other, then does this make these humans - supposedly the one who can think, judge and have superior minds, - worst than animals?

When they decide to do the things like this, when they think - "Oh, I'm so ashamed to raise a bastard" or "Oh, I'm not married, I don't have a job, I can't take care of another" or "We need to be stronger, let's attack" or "I want power" or "Let's attack before they do" - or whatever other reasons they cock up to justify what they did or are about to do, did they stop and think what will happen to other lives, apart from themselves? Didn't past histories and stories taught them yet the horrors of such act? Didn't they felt chocked, and felt like crying every time they see these horrible after effects?

My guess is, No. Humans are naturally selfish. They only think about themselves first. More often than not, they forget about others. God, save me from being such a person... Amen

just another brat with opinion,
-Nana Eddy-

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