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Monday, November 30, 2009

A fortunate, Unfortunate day

I was reading my friend's blog the - Photography Journey - by Tham Joon Hao which reminds me of my own experience..

I was on my way to KL from Melaka with three of my friends. We're all girls, and we're in a group for an assignment we had. So we departed from our campus at 4, and was on our way to Damansara Utama, my previous home. We had an interview scheduled with a Berita Harian person, and didn't want to be late - we didn't want to give a bad impression.

My group mates... Ana, Lini and Erna

So anyway, I was the driver, and the time is reaching 6 o'clock in the morning when I felt that the car's tire behaving in a weird way. Lucky for us, I was only running 80km/h at that time, so I was able to control the car and bring it to a stop. We were all snapped out from our drowsiness... So we stepped out of the car and and what we saw, almost ripped my heart out. The right side back tire was 'history'.

My old car - already sent to scrap, the sad tools we had and the tire.

The cool thing was, we didn't panicked. Instead, what we did was to prepare to change the tire. We're not so sure if we can, but we were ready to try. As we were taking out and checking the tools (which was sad) and spare tire, we were again fortunate because at that instant, a patrol car stopped by. And so, the day was saved by the two Elite patrol gentlemen. It's too bad that I was a bit tipsy (not from drinking but from excitemant and sleepiness) to remember to take their pictures. Anyway, here's a close up to what the tire looked like...

The tire was already done for... the part it broke can actually be peeled off...

Doesn't it makes u feel we're very lucky to be alive?

Like I said, it was a fortunate, unfortunate day...
-Nana Eddy-



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