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Tuesday, September 1, 2009

When you want to talk about other people's religion, please do a RESEARCH first!
I happened to read this today. I agree with the author in many things he said, but there are just certain things that I can't seem to agree.. no matter how hard I tried. I agree with one of the comment given by the readers, 'do not speak of something you don't know of'.

I do agree that the way Malaysia handles its religions issues especially Islam is quite wrong. But please, do not see that as the view of what the religion really is about. The act of 40 people must not be turned into an agenda that caused prejudice to the rest thousands and millions of people who happens to share the same religion. Their act is stupid and shameful, even to me.

Just Looking at their STUPIDITY angers me

Every religion has their own customs, beliefs, and certain way of conduct. The religion itself is sacred - no matter if it's Buddha, Hindu, Christian or anything. The one that contaminates the religion is the human themselves. In Islam, there was not written that they should parade around boycotting and act like a gangster. There was also non written that the religion is 'inherited' as well. If the child who was born Muslim, but ends up not being a Muslim at all, then the fault lies in the upbringing and the person itself.

The act of the Muslims when confronted with an issue of 'Murtad' was actually a reaction of their dissatisfaction. According to the religion, such people who walks out of the religion and made it known openly, in one way or the other announcing it, must be killed. Of course nowadays, there won't be such a thing happening and so the people become dissatisfied since they are helpless. I'm not saying the way they handled it is perfect, but if you are in their shoes, you might act the same... or even worse. You CAN 'check out' of the religion, but you have to face the wrath of people. If you don't want to make it much of hassle then DO NOT make it into an issue. Don't tell anyone except for your closest family and friends. If you went on and include the media and the whole country over it, of course people will get mad - as in the case of Lina Joy. Stupid woman.

Why should there be such a law over leaving this religion? Syaikh ‘Abd al-Qadir Audah hafizhahullah explains,

The raison d’etre of capital punishment for apostasy is Syariah is that apostasy is repugnant to the faith of Islam on which the Islamic society is founded. If this offence is taken lightly, the collective system of Islam may collapse. The severe punishment laid down for it aims at the total elimination of apostasy on the one hand and warning and preventing others from committing it.
Obviously, capital punishment serves as a more effective deterrent than any other punishment. Whatever the factors inciting commitment of the offence, capital punishment stirs up the preventive factors in human psyche and a man refrains as often as not from committing the offence.
Most of the modern law in operation ensure security of the social system by prescribing harshest punishment for those who violate and destroy the system. The first of such punishments is death penalty. In other words, modern laws lay down the same punishment for causing disorder, safeguarding the social system as does the Islamic syariah.
Make sense doesn't it. Death punishment are always given to act that could harm the country and it's peace. In the case of Islam, it's the same. Apostasy is something that could harm, and crumble the religion. If you silently leave the religion, no one (except their close relative and friends) will give a damn about it.

I don't like the sarcasm that the author put inside his writing. I'm not denying that most of what he said are true but he should have researched about the religion first before simply putting it that way. People who are not in another people's shoe, who do not understand or know what other people does should always thread the matter of the issue cautiously - or you might get 'burned' for it.

I'm just some brat scribbling my opinion
-Nana Eddy-

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