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Monday, August 31, 2009


It is the 52nd Independence anniversary for our country, and I've been asking my self, what does independence means to me? Do I appreciate the independence that our forefathers fought for, or have I been taken it for granted and bullshit the independence we have today?

Let's face it, we are those children who are spoilt by the independence we had. There's no wonder why Malaysians nowadays are so easy to cut each other throats and blaming each other, racking havoc all over the country and now, slowly but steadily giving spaces for outside power to interfere. Remember, that was what happened before, which leads to the fall of many countries to the hands of the colonies. I've watched and read about it again and again, I can't stop myself from thinking, how stupid they were for letting those outsiders to interfere. How stupid they were to doubt their own brothers, and how stupid they were to fight amongst themselves in hope to gain power and in the end, lost everything they had. No matter how many times I tried, I could never understand the reason they fought each other. Why? I'd be asking but then I look at what is happening nowadays, the same things happens again. Why oh WHY won't we learn through mistakes that were clearly written in our history? Why oh why do we fight each other and let our defenses weakens. Why oh why do we fought meaningless battles and ignores that WE are all in the same boat? Can't you see? If THIS boat sinks, all of us, and I REALLY mean ALL, each and everyone of us will drown.

We forgot what our forefathers fought for and we forgot what they sacrificed so that we could have the peace we had today. That's why, we started doubting the values we had. The agreement they made 52 years ago, seems like child's play to us now, it seems worthless and even irrelevant. We do not try to understand why they made the agreements, why each of our forefathers before us sacrifice something just so that their children, their grand childrens, their decendents may enjoy the free life that they had been denied. Yeah, history are ancient, but we forgot, without that history, there WILL BE NO US TODAY. We take things for granted just because we weren't there. For those who were there, even the ones their names were never written in any history books, they will be crying if they know that they sacrifices amounts nothing, to what we call Malaysians today.

Sometimes, it is sad seeing youths destroying themselves with their lifestyles - colonial lifestyles which are specifically designed to destroy our youths and make our defenses low. It makes us ignore that we are being colonized, like a puppet, following it's master's orders. Drugs, alcohols, porns, and even cigarettes are the 'weapons' they used, and no one cares enough to admit it. It weakens our brain cells so that they could easily manipulate us through their media. They brings their ambassadors here and they became our 'idols' our 'heroes' and we embraced them warm-heartedly with the same poisons they sent in and expect us to use, and WE foolishly partied along, never realizing we are being manipulated so that 'they' can be rich and powerful while we, are left with youths that have little or no sane mind at all. And the country is left in the hands of old men who refuses to admit that they might be gone in any seconds. Perfect.

We bullshit our leader's effort to make better, but we never brings out an alternative to what we think wrong. We went along with public shows of spite. We do meaningless marches, create a ruckus, and putting up slogans that we reject them, naming it 'peaceful gathering'. but we did not or refuse to see that there are many people that we troubled by doing that. Childrens panicked, parents are worried, the traffic jams are like torture, and not to mention how much doubt we create to ourselves and to others who are watching. We make people suspicious towards each other, we created prejudice through our claims of 'our rights'. We create false hope and let it crush, we create anger and rivalry. How does that sounds peaceful? I don't see any peacefulness, I don't even see any positive difference it makes, only really negative ones, really a lot of bad negative ones.

We say we care but in front of misery and danger, we hide into our safe cocoons. We wanted to change but when we see a pauper by the street, we snort at them. When a beggar comes to our feet we brushes them off, we kicked them away. We rarely know our neighbors, what they look like and what they do. We welcome strangers to our place but we let our brothers and sisters die in hunger and pain.

So where is it the Independence we are shouting? Why are we so ashamed to hold on to our values? Since when getting home early to be with family becomes such an uncool thing? Until when are we going to enjoy and party every night killing our brain cells again and again? Why does being conventional means being outdated? Can't it be conventional but still up to date and open minded? Can't we learn through history to not take today for granted? Do we need to feel and go through what our forefathers did before Independence to appreciate it?

I am in no place to criticize others, because I too always seems to forget. I too always get too easily swayed and I too have a lot more to learn. But, I will change. I'll try not to stereotype people, never have prejudice. All Malaysians are my brothers and sisters, my friends and my families. I DO NOT want to be a puppet for the colonies. I'll respect their cultures and will not condemn it but I REFUSE to embrace it as one of my own. I am a MALAYSIAN, and so in Malaysian ways I shall live. Even if embracing our real eastern cultures makes me look conventional and outdated, it's alright, because I am proud to be Malaysian. Maybe one day, I'll be in a place where I can happily and proudly say, I made a difference, did you?

Guys, let me stress here, we are ON THE SAME BOAT, our country is our boat. If this boat sinks, mark my words, ALL of us would drown. NONE of us would survive it unscathed.

Sorry if I hurt anyone in my writings. If it touch anyone by it, good. because it means you care. I'm a nobody, a brat to be exact. It just so happens that I'm a brat with a few of opinions of my own.

I'm just being me,
-Nana Eddy-

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