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Friday, September 25, 2009

I feel so opinionated today

In other words, I'm getting pissed. All the frenzy about the canning and the severe punishment and the thing about Malaysia turning into an all Islamic is totally blown out of proportion. I am getting pissed at people who talks only using their fickle mind without even researching on the topic first. Who do they think they are? GOD? Feel like wanting to slap each of their faces.

I really don't understand WHAT IS THE PROBLEM with people and the canning case? The person involved had agreed. I repeat AGREED to the punishment. So, people who doesn't have anything to do with it SHUT UP!!

I mean, what's with the "it's too severe" or "It's inhumane" or "it's inappropriate" or "It's against human rights" CRAP? The canning is not like the canning they do in the prison. They are trying to educate and remind not to do it again, NOT KILL HER! It's just like how our fathers used to can us for being too naughty. As for other Syariah Law's punishments, it's not to be done sleezily, or as-matter-of-fact-ly with kind of attitude. It requires deep investigation, and long weighing weather the person deserves to be punished as such or not.

I did a survey that ask something like "Do you care if Malaysia turned into an Islamic country?" HELLO!! take a train check. According to the constitution, Malaysia IS AN ISLAMIC COUNTRY. What kind of question is that? Maybe, the country is not an extremely Islamic country, but to an extent, IT IS an ISLAMIC country. Get it through you head!

I don't understand why people look at Islam in such a negative way. The teachings of Islam, is just the same as any religion. Do the good and avoid the bad. Even Christians prohibits it's followers to drink alcohol and eat pork and do free sex or premarital sex. Just because other people do it, that doesn't make it the right thing to do. In Al-Quran, in Bible and in the Sutras, all say that u need to do good deed, practice chivalry, do charity and avoid doing wrong. Just because people doesn't follow it, that doesn't mean it's wrong.

There are too many people admitting themselves as Muslim but in reality they behave in a very un-Islamic way. It gets harder day by day to practice the Islamic way the right way and not seemed as extreme or wrong by the non-Muslim because of those people. It gets harder to explain these things to the Non-Muslim. Guys, PLEASE try to understand. Just because other people who seemed like us do it, that doesn't mean it is the right way, or it is ok to do it.

Let me give u a simple example. Let's say a Muslim is on a trip with their company. The trip has both Muslims and non-Muslim. They decide to have seafood at a chinese restaurant. Then, this one Muslim, refuses to eat there, saying that she'd buy it from a stall next door, and eat there with them. Other Muslims are okay with eating there.- Now, in this case, the one Muslim who refuses would seemed picky, because other Muslims are okay with it - WRONG. The thing that should be here, doesn't the other so called Muslims practice their religion? Okay, u might say, u won't order pork, so it's HALAL, but DO YOU or DO THEY (the cooks) know the real definition of HALAL? The pork eating does not apply to only pork, but also the utensils that had been in contact with the pork. Without the proper way of cleaning it, It is still non-HALAL. If they use alcohol in the cooking for the flavor, it is also non halal. You can't simply say, it's Halal because you THINK it is.

So please, people. If you don't know for sure, DON'T SAY IT AS IF YOU KNOW FOR SURE. It pisses people who knows - period! I may not be so religious as a Muslim, but still it irks me when people say what they want according to what they think, but they never really do any research on the religion. I don't put stereotype in other people's religion, I don't go around and say oh Buddhist this or oh Christians that, so please don't put stereotype, especially negative ones to my religion.

Too bad if I hurt anyone. You can rant me back if you want, but I'll be sure to give you back a piece of my mind coz, I'm a brat with an opinion :p

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