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Friday, July 4, 2014

Comfie, Coffee and Cutie : Brewyard, Coffee & Koujee

If there are three things that I would not be able to say "No" to, that would be a combination of 3C's - A Comfortable spot to hangout, a good Coffee and a Cutie as company. So when I was invited for a "date" with Koujee at Brewyard Coffee, I flew myself there.

If you are following my instagram or facebook or twitter (which I don't really expect you to, but GO NOW and Follow my Insta, Tweet and FB and like my page) you would have seen me update some sweet photo of sweet lil-ol-me and cutie as my own personal barista. haha.

To my readers (if there is any) I don't think I need to introduce Koujee again. If you are not, then head to HERE and HERE and HERE and HERE and HERE for my other posts on Koujee (or those that I "casually" mention him). or you can head straight to his Official FB page or Youtube. And do keep on reading till the end to see a glimpse of his Beatboxing!

Photos credited to the credit. (does that make any sense? lol)

Ah yes, he is my all time favourite cutie and my favourite Beatboxer around (no offense intended to other beatboxers (and cuties) I know. You guys are all awesome, and I am probably your fan too. It's just that I have a special soft-spot for this one. hahaha)

Before I proceed to tell you the story of the cute life of cute Brat and cute Koujee, let me first take this chance to Introduce you to Brewyard Coffee. The place is located is Subang, SS15, right in front of the Pasar. This place is owned by a young and good looking bloke called David Lee, and Koujee, is their ambassador.
left: David, Koujee

I would say the environment is both Classy and Cozy. I totally dig the interior design and the feel this place exudes. Their display, their bar, the seats, all to my liking. I give them 5 stars out of 5 from Bratty books of likey likes.
Nice place, cozy ambience, really a great place to hangaround

If you are a coffee enthusiast, make a stop by at this place. Not a fan of coffee? *gasp* Let me tell you something delightful, they have an array of desserts and dishes that is absolutely divine, and totally sinfully-delicious. I mean, marshmallow and chocolate pizza? Hershey's real chocolate cake? Nutella Chocolate Cake? Almost like you died and go to sweets heaven. hahah.

They also have some scrumptious looking dishes for those who need something a little heavier than desserts.

Anyway, Koujee had self appointed himself as my personal barista for the night. armed with skills he gained from the ever awesome owner of Brewyard, David, he made me this superbly cutesy coffee-art for my mocha.
 My personal Barista~ *sigh

Well, it didn't turn out fully as it is intended to, (a cute Stitch) but it is still very cute - eventhough personally I think it looked like Shiro (Shin-Chan's dog) hahaha.

But, this is in no-way a final testament of Koujee's Coffee art skills. He does a pretty decent job. Here's some other arts that he created.

If you have time, go and visit Brewyard Coffee, You will love it. Here's the full address
42(Ground Floor) SS15/4,
47500 Subang Jaya
Phone: 0146699319 
As promised, here is yet another video of Koujee Beatboxing especially for me!! *giddy mode*. haha. Enjoy!

As Bratty as ever,



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