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Thursday, August 2, 2012

Picnic with Bloggers La~ La~ La~

In the words of my favorite extremely vocal critique blogger, Tony Teh 
"It seems like we never see you anymore!"
Well, he's right. Eversince I started working, I rarely go to any blogger-related gathering or event or screenings anymore. I think more than once, I had to cancel my intent to go to an event/gathering due to other commitments. Thus, the first thing Tony said when I arrived "fashionably late" that beautiful evening was "You didn't ffk this time!"

I had to help my parents with something that day, and fulfil my duty as their daughter before I could do anything else. Hence I arrived About 2 hours later than the time specified. But hey, I came with food!

I came bringing my infamous usually, very spicy, spaghetti (which did not turn out as spicy that day due to the chilli that I use is just not spicy). And just so happen, I was cooking in a ware that I don't usually use, so the gravy was a little too oily this time round (I mis-judged the amount of oil to be used)

Okay, enough details of my boring spaghetti, let's take a look at the faces that showed up that day. Some of the photos are taken by Aki. Let you guys which is taken by him and which is taken by me XD

Rexs a.k.a Si Aki Borneo
Isaac Tan and Preggy Wifey (Congrats!!)
Steven & Kianfai (So cute la this two)
So Scandalous~~~ Tony & Jiayeen
Opps Sorry, Iris was there too~~ haha
Aaaaaaaa mmmmmm
Om nom nom~~
New Ambassador for Tinge~ hehe
Other people there. (Sorry I fail at remembering names)
Jackie Loi manage to show up as well. Congrats for your Graduation!!!
Look who decided to show up as well and join the crowd!

This pup actually sat there and posed for the camera! Super adorable
Definitely chick magnet. lol
Okay, and last but not least, GROUP PHOTO!!!

All in all, it was a great day. We should organize more of this kind of gathering, but this time, we should arrange more games and activities as well. It would be SUPER awesome.

Signing off now,




  1. Haha quite scandalous indeed. We both wore blue singlets lol. Do Malaysian government sector people work?

  2. awesome gathering ! =D

  3. Wow, amazing gathering it was. Got photo of me summore, look like gangster wei :) We should plan more gathering like this, loved the event. And our new TINGE Ambassador funny wei, nanti aku recommendkan dia to Spritzer :p



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