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Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Getting Your Car Expenses to Pay for Themselves - MOVDIA

Sounds heavenly right?
It does to me. My fuel, tol, insurance, road tax, maintenance and monthly payment for my car takes about half of what I make a month. It goes beyond saying that the car gets me to places, but the expenses~~ haisy~~

So, today I stumbled upon a very interesting website. For people who loves, adores and really take care of their car better than their gf/wife, this might not sound too much of a good news. In fact, it might be a crime in your eyes. 

But for those who see their car as only a means of transport to get from one place to another without having to brave the sun and the rain, then might just be an answer for you.

Basically, it's a website that promotes car advertising. You get paid to parade advertisement on the body of your car as you run it across the world (well, saying "city" seems inappropriate. lol)!! Usually we only see this happen for public transport, well, NOT ANYMORE! Now YOU can too! lol

How do you do it? simple,

I mean, seriously, how many long hours do you spend on the road doing NOTHING? I spend at least two hours a day going and back to office looking at the cars around me. I'll read just about ANYTHING available on the cars. (yes, including those teeenyyy-tiny wordings people like to put on the back of their car in their attempt to make the car behind kiss their back bumper trying to read those distracting words.) So yeah, advertising this way is simply GENIUS!

So, if you wanna market your products, services, companies through this, I would say it's an awesome investment. Most people spend their day on the road anyway! So to advertise, all you need to do is,

Checkout for more info.

Of course there is a concern of whether or not the advertisement would cause damage to the car's body. Well, according to the website, they use vinyl firms car wrap. Basically, the sticker is made of something that is easy to be put on and removed from the car.

When I saw the page, I thought that this is quite interesting. I mean, if you don't really care for the outlook of your car that much, it shouldn't be a problem. If you like to make your car to look like a race car, the advertisement will only enhance it (If you made a wise design and application decision) And the best part is, your burden for car-related payment will be substantially removed.

Go check out the website and see if you agree or disagree with me XD

Sincerely Brat,


  1. this site seems awesome! thanks for sharing! :)

  2. I feel that it's quite pointless cause if I have a lousy car, they wont pay much, if I have a nice car, why would I put ads on to it? VGL in Malaysia 2012



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