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Friday, January 6, 2017

Melancholic Thoughts..

Melancholic thoughts from reading a manga:

What do you do when people think of only the worst of you? Especially when you have no ill intentions or negative thoughts at all? When you feel the impressions are just spiraling down, even as you try hard to lift it up. Your real effort seems invisible and your mistakes seems so blaringly obvious. No matter what you say it will be seen as excuses and lies. No matter what you do seems not enough. You start to question every move and every decision you make. You start to wonder what are you doing and why you are doing it. The times you spent slowly burns into ash and as you try again and again to struggle and sit up right while having no support from the people around you, you find yourself in a deep helpless pit silently crying for help.

What would you do? Would you try to prove them wrong or just give up?

Sheesh. I must be getting old (er). Lols.

-Brat with Opinions
Nana Eddy

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