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Sunday, April 25, 2010

Battle of the Sexes

Hellooo again!! yup, for sure I had been AWOL from my blog for a while (I need an official leave from being absent from my blog??). Like I've said I'm a super lazy writer who wants to maintain a blog... (hmm.. ironic) Plus, there had not been any 'juicy' issues that attracted my attention. However, today, as I was browsing through my dearest childhood friend's blog, Munirah, something just caught my attention. Just thought I'd share with you guys.


Whatever u give a woman, she will make it greater.

Give her sperm, she will give u a baby.

Give her a house, she will give u a home.

Give her groceries, she will give u a meal.

Give her a smile n she will give u her heart.

She multiplies and enlarges what she is given.

So if u give her crap, be ready to receive a ton of shit…

So very true!! don't you agree?? haha... I don't know about other girls, but I know for the last sentence, it applies 100% to me.

Hey, for sure I am an easy going person. I will be a great companion to laugh with and a fun friend to be with (alamak puji diri sendiri plak :p). Even my mom rarely sees me in any other mood except from happy (apart from lazy and sometimes highly annoyed). but DO NOT CROSS me. If you do, you better wish REALLY hard that you won't EVER cross my way again. I'll make your life a living hell (and that's a vow! hoho )

Well, I'm not actually that difficult really. I may be VERY angry but a simple 'sorry' would've been enough to cool me down. The problem is (especially with guys) they either rarely ever say 'sorry' or they say it too much to mean anything (some of them, some are just fine and sweet)

 This is so sweet...

In the first scenario, they know they are wrong, they tell their friends that they regretted it, but they never tell they're sorry to the person they have wronged. I mean, what's with this misplaced egoism? It's never going to help anyone. I repeat NEVER.

The second one is just as equally annoying. The guy have no stand or dignity at all. Or, he's such a sweet talker and 'sorry' is just another empty words. They never mean it and they keep on doing it again and again.

Yup. Women are difficult being. I agree, but so are Men. So, a much more suitable phrase would be 'humans' generally are difficult being. Back to my topic, battle of the sexes (finally)
Battle of the sexes...

Just recently I was assigned to do an assignment on the 'Muted Group Theory' by Cheris Kramarae. I'll just skim over the details so you won't be too bored reading this. Anyway, it basically says that women are finding it hard to express themselves (publicly) or send across what they meant to male dominated world because the words are not created by them. The words as we know today are created by men to benefit men and women are just the 'sidekicks' in terms of language.

The most clear example I can give here is why is it always "History" and not "Herstory"? or why is there a polite way to adrdess a person as "Tuan Hamba" but "Puan Hamba" just sound like addressing slaves? and why Mr/Encik can be used to a guy whether they are married or not, why must there be a Miss or Mrs/Cik or Puan to differentiate women's status and the list goes on.
 men vs women

Doesn't it make you wonder how true it is? For a feminist, this is such a discrimination. For me? Well, I am no feminist. I agree that to a certain extent, women need to have their freedom, need to be able to be independent, but not thoroughly.

I mean, I really don't get this feminism thing. They wanted to be treated equally but at the same time they expect men to be the gentlemen, pamper them and never hit them. Oy oy.. I'm not saying abuse is right (far from it, God forbid), but men fight with men all the time. To be treated equally means you can't complain when they fight you.  And, what? you want them to open the doors for you, let you through first, pay the bills, calls you first and then you ask to be treated equally? They NEVER treat any men like that. Which one do you want? To be treated as woman or to be treated like men? Come on woman, MAKE UP YOUR MIND!!

In terms of intellectual and ability to work, I am all up for equality. Don't just dismiss a thought just because it came from a female. NEWSFLASH, we were given BRAINS as well - and we could use it just as good as use yours - in nowadays life, sometimes, better. Don't go rambling on me about how men are born superior than women, bla, bla, bla. I already know that but HELLO!!! wake up and look around, majority of those who populate the higher learning is WOMEN, the ones who populates the pusat serenti and jails are MEN. While we women are breaking our backs and necks (and whatever else there is to break) trying to earn a living, or to study as good as we can so that we could have a better lives, you guys just went on destroying yourselves with drugs, rempits, clubs, gambling, smoking, and the list goes on and on. Really, if you want respect, sure we will give you respect, but just AS SOON AS YOU DESERVE IT!!

I am contradicting my self a lot here huh? Like always, I get carried away while writing. Again, the post is SO LONG! Anyway, what I want to point out is just this, to be FAIR, you CANNOT be EQUAL. Equality never means it is fair. Feminism should focus more on being treated fairly instead of equally. By fair I mean, giving just enough to fit the person's needs. Yes, men can live without women and vice versa. But none of them will be complete without the other. Without each, none would produce such beautiful smiles as this,
No matter how different they are,

or how they perceive the other,

none would be as contented with their lives like this without the other,

Just some thoughts from a brat. I'm me, a brat with opinions.
-Nana Eddy-


  1. wow! panjangzzz. let me comment 1 by 1...

    1. "So if u give her crap, be ready to receive a ton of shit…" -haha! seriously rasa cam nak bunuh orang/ make their life a hell. but i will never kill one and do it... still in rational mode tak kire marah camne. hmm...

    2. sorry, forgive and forget? thats not me. but if im the one yang salah, well, ok. i will try to repent (tobat beb). tp kalau orang wat salah, depends on what they did. kadang2 bertahun pun tetap tanak maafkan. (menyusahkan diri utk masuk syurga)

    3. man and woman. sama je. both are mend to be complicated! saling susah utk dipahami :P

    4. last but not least. yeah. it will never be complete without one another.

  2. haha... tq for your comment ~luv.. later I'll drop by your page and comment yours.. but tonite, it's late. I;m gonna sleep. gnite to u too love :)

  3. sgt BETOL!!watever theyve gave us..weve made it greater..(btol ke ayat aku nih??hahha)

  4. haha.. thanks kekunang... the power of WOMEN. yeay to us!!

  5. oh2..

    saya sorang ke laki cni?hehhe

  6. haha... ok la tu kan.. thanx for dropping by ruti :)



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