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Tuesday, October 27, 2009

A Place I Call My Home

"Malaysia is not perfect, but with friends like you guys, it's a place I'd like to call my home.."

Have you seen the advert? It features Afdlin Shauki, Dato' David Arrumugam and Ho Yu Hang... Here's the link

They made the ad so simple, yet very interesting... The words are true but humorous at the same time. The caption above, is my favorite of all. It's true, if you have good friends, no matter where you are, you won't mind calling it your home. As the saying goes, "Home is where your heart is..."

I don't feel like blogging heavy stuff or discuss 'oh-so-important' matters of the world, I just want to ramble. Let my fingers glide upon the keyboard and see where this goes... Maybe I just post up a lot of pictures. I'll start with my little room...

My spot to sleep, think, online and rest... My heaven, my bed.

My favorite part of the room, the pink and purple sunflower with pink, purple and black background painted by Yours Truly and her sis.

The living room of my home. Oh home sweet home...

I guess, it's nothing much.. Just your average household. We just moved here... Finally, we are staying at our place, no more renting... And the best thing about it is that, I got the room to myself!! No more sharing, and a bigger closet for me to 'abuse' hoho...

Next, friends.. I believe that who we meet along the way determines what kind of a person we are and would be. If not all, but a little here and there, would've made a difference... If I haven't met those people I met, I may not be able to be the me that is writing this today. I might not even get into a university, I might not even be able to stay alive... Who knows? Things happens for a reason. It's up to us if we want to figure out why...

Well, I have a lot of people I call my friends... let's start with two of my best-est friends... Fitriyah and Shah

That's right, you guessed it, they're an item. Had been so for the past 3 years or so. They are my dearest friends, and I am very happy for them. These two people had been with me through the toughest time of my life. Two person who are not perfect, but perfected each other... I hope they'll be like pieces of puzzle, each completing the other...

Next is my childhood friends... Friends until this very day... Munirah, Sazwi and Intan...

We've had our share of fights, we've drifted apart due to time and space, yet they are dear to me, and will always held a special space in my heart...

Next, is the Kuronekos... We must have the most unstable relationship of friendship. Suki and Dalia... We became close friends due to circumstances, we have some common grounds and a lot of differences.

 Class photoshoot

On our Girl's night out, Eye on Malaysia, Melaka

Karaoke Evening

Bungee Jump Frenzy

The latest, and perhaps the last assignment we'll work together on...

But somehow, through gritting our teeth and shouting at each other and almost chocking each other necks, we pulled it off.. They are special beings for me. Had it not been for them, my late teenage days would be too boring... hehe

And of course, there are friends, who became friends due to common interest and common space...

My Classmates DMC6A

I entered their class a bit late. But nevertheless, it felt like I was a part of them. Yes, there were a few misunderstanding and conflicts, but we manage to pull it off.

Class photoshoot (credits to Fara Fazana)

 just because I like the picture :p

 Photoshoot for Design assignment

 Dinner Night

 Part 6 - last dinner
My colleagues from MST JBU

The one's that is closest to me, Fiza and Shima

The brother figure of a brother I never had, Wan

The chaotic friend, Zul

The Cool Ipoh Mali chinese part time 'sweet-heart', Ah Chris

The mother like-friend, Ah Kwan

The suddenly a little brother, Benny Oh (I became Nana Oh for a while lols!)

My colleagues from Kitschen, Tropicana City Mall

the liveliest, rules breaker I've ever met

She's all sugar and spice, Wei Sum

Mie, the rockers

Lina, nicknamed lady ga-ga

The girl with an attitude, Fareeza

The 17 year old who grew up too fast, Akash

My personal favorite, the rebellious little skater boy, Fareez

Youth Asia while interning friends

The Youth Asia team

Youth Asia with the AIESEC team

My Bosses, My Friends

Facing the endless (seemed like) hours of working become bearable with such friends. They made me think that "hey, work can be fun after all..."

As for hobby, I have my theater friends,

MMS (Campus Orientation) friends

My taekwondo friends (no pics) and my college's representative team (no pics as well :( ) I think I have never enjoyed myself more than in those times. I do what I love to do the most with people who shares the same passion as me. Although that was in the most busiest time in my life, the experience, made it worthwhile...

There are also old friendship that keeps on getting renewed... My friends back from high school,

Pa'ah and Dhiah... Once upon at my home (open house)

Delegation to my open house.. lols

The guys on the reunion night

The girls on the reunion night

Fun Picture

Me n Fadh and the waiter guy... Just because I like this pic... lols

My friends from Architecture

these are very old pictures of us, two, three years back...

the most recent one, where they graduated - without me

Needless to say, there are others who I can't put up their pictures here... I could have just say, 'and many more...' but the significance of them being in my life warrants more that just a 'and many more...' Those friends I made along the way, doesn't matter past present or future, I thank you very much, for the memories we've shared... If you don't see your picture here, that doesn't mean you're un-important, it's just that I'm too lazy to get up from my cozy seat and pull up old pictures. (hehe :p)


Oh yeah, almost forgot the three most important friends in my life,

My cousins and My sister

Once a year, we pretended to be models... lols
from left, Tasya, Rinie, me, Mimi

My dearest sis, Mimi

My older cousin, K.Asya... Just like a real older sister...

I can't imagine my life without these three people. We might fight a lot (esp. with Mimi... we're blood sisters after all), we might get separated and missed out on each other a lot, at times, it is really difficult to meet... But I know that I can count on them no matter what... And they too can count on me... :)

I guess this is my home after all...

Just ramblings of a brat... with opinions of her own.
-Nana Eddy-


  1. miahahaha!!! YEY!!! gambar antara yang terawal.

  2. sengal.. gelak nak sebut nama sendiri ke? haha.. love u bebs

  3. owh so sweet..thx nana =) terharu gmba antara yg terawal!

  4. of course la... u guys were my childhood friends. And are still very dear to me...

  5. eyy... awat awie tiru statement kte tu? ni yang tak puas ati nih. sila bayar pampasan!



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