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Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Wordless Wednesday: Pay Back

Siblings, can't live with them, can't live without them~


And THE WINNER is.....

Previously on the brat's blog~


Can't read it? Ahaha~~~ Read my previous post instead! HERE

Anyway, after finally having some time for myself, at last I got some time to re-read and re-evaluate the contest answers given by my readers. Since I am unknown, thus, the contest only receive 5 contestant - so, it was not such a difficult task and it doesn't require a lot of time. T_T

Regardless, I am SOOOOO happy to receive the 5 feedbacks. I know all of them had been my followers for quite some time and I had been theirs too! And since they were so AWESOME, instead of two, I decided to give ALL five of them prizes!

So, aside from the two prizes, I went prize hunting for other 3 prizes today. Maybe I should stop calling them prizes since everyone got something. Hmmm alright, gifts! I shall call them gifts instead! ahaha~ So, while I was hunting for the gifts, I tried my best to match the gifts with all 5 of them.

Anyway, since it was a CONTEST, I am compelled to announce a WINNER.

AND THE WINNER IS!!!!!! *drum roll

How RANDOM is THAT?? ahahah. I really loved his description of my blog. it was sOooooOoooOo random and weird that it fits the Brat PERFECTLY. ahahahahah~ I shall use this as "blurps" for my blog next time! Ahaha~

And for his SUPER random answer, I am giving him a SUPER random gift that I picked especially for him after browsing through the store for more than an hour (yes, I put that much thought into it).

Not exactly a cup, not a glass, but not a mug either. It's a glass-cup-mug! Ahaha. And just to make sure he remembers me each time he sees this I chose one with the same expression as me! See? lols

NEXT! is the one with THE MOST interesting answer for their favorite post is

Miea Melodies - Life before it ends...

Oh! and I think his description of brat's blog is so worthy of mention too! So "blurp" material! ahaha~

Love the "see if you can top hers" part. ehehe. So for this sweet guy, I'm awarding him the silver star

For the very sparkling STAR that he IS!!!

The next one is the person who won my heart with both of his post;

Henry Lee the Clever Munkey!!

Another description worthy of a "blurp" eheheh~ Although, I don't think my writings are down to earth. It's usually either high-up-in-the-sky conceited or buried-down-deep-in-the-earth modest. I'm a brat. I don't do mediocre. I always go for the extreme. Ahahah~

I had forgotten how long was it since I first seen his name appeared on my site. He must've been one of my oldest loyal follower. hehe. So, what can I give to a munkey so clever that he blogs about gadgety-stuff that I can barely understand (sometimes)?

A monkey!!! A cute one at that! ahaha~ Sorry Munkey, I know you mentioned the other cute key chain, but when I saw this one, I could not resist the urge to buy this especially for you! Ahahahah~

Next the lucky (or perhaps unlucky) person who receives the oversized T-shirt that was actually meant for my most probably HUGE brother, (as mentioned by one of my readers) IS~~

Aki from Si Aki Borneo

Okay. This is another randomly crazy guy. If you read his blog, you'll see what I mean. He have new updates twice or more a day and he REALLY talks about VARIOUS random topics. And because he's so random, I think, he DESERVES to have a random shirt I bought from Penang. Don't believe me? Check out his random answer!

Now I have a Smurfy quote too! ahahah~ Aside from that, because he's an avid Chelsea fan, (Go Chelsea!!! yes, I'm biased) I think the blue shirt would go well with his blue spirit!

Plus, I think he'll look good in stripes! XD

The last, but NEVER the least, the one who go through length to actually join this contest even though he didn't know much about the Brat, 
Isaac Tan from eXperiences

For the guy who go to the distance to actually participate in my bleeerggggHHhh contest, and also for calling blog "CUTE", I'm giving him the cute keychain I bought from quite a distant place - Terengganu.

Cute kan? Like me my blog kan? Ahahah~~

THANK YOU so much again to all who had joined this little contest of mine. I had a very good time finding your gifts! Apparently, I like buying little cute gifts for people - a disease I seemed to have ever since high school. I don't think it would be cured anytime soon. For those who missed this, TOO BAD!!! ahahaha~~~~ joking. No worries, all you have to do is pray (very hard) that I'll get a bit richer than now, and do yet another give away. Ahahaha~~

Until next time!

The brattiest of them all,


Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Lovey Dovey Tuesday: When I Try to make it work....

Thank you for all who replied to my last week's post. I appreciate all your comments and suggestions. And it really made me feel, I can keep this segment moving XD

Before going on to my topic today, I would like to reply to some comments that suggested me to "communicate" with my partner. I agree. Communication is the "key" towards any relationship. And I did try. The only problem is, I could not reach him. (His phone is un-contactable, he's not online, and I already know he don't read his emails.) So that's the reason for my little rant last week.

Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Brat's FIRST ever Give Away!!!!


/shock I cannot believe there will come a day when I will do a give-away. It just seems soooooo unreal. Nyahaha.

Anyway, I realized I had never did any give-away before, and I also realized it's because I am so very unknown that I'm afraid no one would care enough to join and not to mention, so dirt poor, that I can't afford to give-away anything.

Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Lovey Dovey Tuesday: Together yet alone~

I'm copying this segment from Zon Karut Aki - but with different approach and perhaps different perspective. I think it would be nice to dedicate a day where I talk about mushy stuff aite? haha. To commemorate the occasion of copying this segment, I will start with a little rant of my own.

Near but far~ (display picture only)

Hide Away (Cang Qi Lai) - Anthony Neely Nian Dong

I found this song. And I loved it VERY much. So sharing this with u guys :) Enjoy!

藏起來 (Cang Qi Lai) - 倪安東 Anthony Neely
作詞:施立 作曲:仔仔(Will Peng)

Monday, September 19, 2011

Brat is on TOP 30!!!

As I have already predicted, due to my awesome-ness, I am now on Sandra Azwan's TOP 30 finalist list for my post on Malaysia's Next Top Blogger contest!!!!
Hahahaha~~ /wahaha

Okay, time to stop GLOATING. I'm only on top 30. I have yet to win anything. I'm crossing my fingers, fingernails, toenails, hands and legs hoping that I'd be one of the winners.

In case you are wondering, the prizes for this competition is:

Main Prize: Sandra Azwan ‘Baby Doll Dress’ worth RM850.00, T-Shirt illustration by Sandra Azwan, A special date with me @ DOME, Pavilion Kuala Lumpur & an exclusive fashion illustration by Sandra Azwan.

1st Prize: Sandra Azwan ‘Front Zipper Top’ worth RM550.00, T-Shirt illustration by Sandra Azwan, A special date with me @ DOME, Pavilion Kuala Lumpur & an exclusive fashion illustration by Sandra Azwan.

2nd Prize: T-Shirt illustration by Sandra Azwan, A special date with me @ Coffee Bean, Pavilion Kuala Lumpur & an exclusive fashion illustration by Sandra Azwan

Oh come to Momma prizes!! (Momma needs new clothes!!! ehehhe)Photobucket

Saturday, September 17, 2011

Errkkk??? o_O what? twenty what????

On this date, 48 years ago Malaya was buzzing with the news of how Malaysia was formed. Everyone was in high spirit and with positive energy flying around.

Then, 23 years later, on this date, Malaysia, no the EARTH received yet another FANTASTIC news!!

Thursday, September 15, 2011

Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Wednesday Blues~ "Accepting you're gone, but feeling like you're still here.."

Have you ever felt like you're over something, that things had gone back to the way they are but really, it didn't? Well, these things seems to happen a lot to me.

It was such a cloudy day~
I lost a very good friend  about 5 months back. It came as a shock that paralyzed me for three days, and kept me in a dark and sad mood for almost a month. But life had to go on. And kept on living is what I did.

Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Do you know what homestay is?

I bet some of you still have a wrong impression on this. Honestly, three years ago I would've given you a blank face if you say "homestay" to me.

Then, 2 years ago, if you have said "homestay" to me, I would've thought you were talking about staying at someone's home with them/their family for awhile, while you are there. /sweat - that would be too uncomfortable for me! Pass!

Sunday, September 11, 2011


Did you noticed my cute new banner??? More importantly, did you see the cute, awesome cartoonized brat there? Nyehehe~ oh yes, Brat had just gone another step backwards in maturity and stepping up becoming THE ULTIMATE BRAT!! hohohoho~

Dunno what I'm talking about??? Allow me to direct your attention to the NEW, AWESOME, CUTE and not to mention ICONIC "BRAT" for this blog.

She goes by the name Nana Eddy! haha

Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Who Wants to be Malaysian's Next Top Female Blogger???

Normally (when I have a normal 'me' time), I don't do this sort of thing. That's because, I am VERY seldom lucky to win anything. Well, I do get some consolation prizes at times, but NEVER the big prize. Can you imagine? Going to be 20 (for the 6th time) but NEVER won any lucky prizes? How unlucky is that?? Perhaps I've used up my luck on other things, so I'm a bit lacking there.

However, this time I am stretching my luck and trying out this contest coz

Tuesday, September 6, 2011

The Best Wishes

It's a double celebration!! yeah, this is an overdue post. Bare with me, since I'm busy. It's gonna be a short update (again). Just wanna wish you all awesome readers,

and of course,

On this double happy wishes and spirit month (I wanted to say day, but seeing how late I am, oh well~~) I'd like to share with you guys a video MADE BY MALAYSIANS that really made my day. Done by my favourite MALAYSIAN vlogger, Matluthfi :)

Did you smiled? Did you feel a sting of tears threatening to come out? Did it touched your heart? Then you must be a MALAYSIAN too!!!
Love it? Like it? Hate it? I don't care. I'm proud to be Malaysian, regardless of everything and anything.

I'm a Muslim first, a Malay second; But that doesn't make me less Malaysian :)

Most importantly, I'm uniquely, ME :)



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