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Friday, January 28, 2011

Sweetness of a rendezvous @ Whisk

I had the most sweetest early dinner in my whole life...

At a little sweet cafe called the Whisk.

Accompanied by the sweetest, cutest guy ever!!!

My life seemed like an abundance of sweetness~~

Our 2nd rendezvous. 


I made another date to have another rendezvous with the ever cutie pie FikriFayi (blogger cum photographer) for a hunt for macaroons. After reviewing and searching and asking (mostly to uncle google) we decided to go to Empire Shopping Gallery.

pic taken from Kenny Sia

Tucked at almost a corner at Lower Ground level of Empire Shopping Gallery is a small cafe called Whisk. I had been reading review about this little cafe, so I was highly anticipating the trip there that day.

I knew it was going to be a small cafe, but I was so shocked to see how small it is!

another pic from Kenny Sia

Nevertheless the concept and the interior is very much inviting, and it gives us a whole different feeling than any other cafes in Malaysia.

As I stepped into the cafe, the the very fragrant aroma of coffee filled my nose. It is not those like the overwhelming ones you can smell when you walk by Starbucks or Coffee Bean, it was so soft, and I just love the way it smelled in there.

Even the little beautiful mess in their cafe made me feel so at ease...

Anyway, we went there to try the so-much-talked-about Macaroons there. We tried a piece of each flavors - there were six. strawberry, chocolate, vanilla, peanut butter, salted caramel and blueberry.

and it was sooooo sweeet!. Fikri loved the vanilla flavor and we both really like the chocolate one. If you guys have a craving for sweets. Definitely try these. If I didn't order a cup of Coffee Latte, I would not be able to eat sweet food for days! (because I don't usually take a lot of sweets).

I have to admit, that the price is a bit expensive for my budget. My coffee latte cost me RM10, and 6pc of macaroons cost me RM12. Oh yeah, and Fikri ordered a piece of pizza (which was quite good) at RM14.40.

Although I don't fancy sweets that much (especially expensive ones) I think Whisk is worth the visit. In fact I plan to go there again and have give their ever popular red velvet cake a try.

Anyone care to join me next time?

The brat who's submerged in sweetness~

Thursday, January 20, 2011


The ever dashing Henry Tan
Yesterday, thanks to the ever dashing Mr. Henry Tan a.k.a babebaboon I was one of the lucky person who was invited to the media appreciation day by Wazzup!!

A little intro about Wazzup - basically it's a younger concept for a well known optic store "Focus Point" - the leader of optical stores in Malaysia.

The idea was to create a shop that totally caters to the youth's need for optics. Apart from featuring "younger" designs, the whole look and feel of the shop itself was young and fresh. You won't see uptight looking eye physicians or boring dressed shop assistants lurking around the shop. Instead of wearing suits or formal shirts, the workers will be wearing jeans and t-shirts. casual, but nevertheless, still very much professional.

Wazzup!! - menas they bring you the latest trend and styles in town!
Let's have a sneak peak inside this very interesting shop...

reminds me of butterfly display... Looks a lot like it no?

The latest in town - Paul Frank designs

Even the chairs used are not the usual boring chairs

Instead of the old-school concept of heavy casing and glasses to keep the glasses and shades, Wazzup have a more open concept - something like a boutique store concept. You could actually walk in, have a try of any glasses or shades on display without feeling guilty of causing trouble to the shop assistants. It's goodbye to the old concept where the shop assistants need to assist you in taking out the shades/glasses out of their cases for you. Now you won't feel obliged to buy shades you can't afford or don't want. Woots~ to that!

Feel free to take a look and try (and take pictures) of you with ANY shades or glasses from ANY brand that you would like. Then you can always walk away, buy or come again later on to buy yourself those glasses that caught your attention.

see the guy with the wazzup t-shirt? that's one of the shop assistant
try any glasses you fancy
go ahead and fantasize you're a Casanova with hot chicks beside you
or try on these bizzare looking shades like we did
Personally I think Wazzup should take these two as their model/ ambassador.

So if you guys wanna know more bout this shop, check out their facebook page;

Alright, that aside, let me tell you what really made my day.

#1 unexpectedly meeting up old acquaintances 

Didn't think I'd bumped shoulders with the very lovely Carolyn from Youth Asia/ Youthsays! or now known as 

#2 I got to take pictures with leng zai(s) the b-boys, "Mustang" and the beatboxer, Koujee.

Mustang Crew

Kawaii Koujee-san
They put up a very good and entertaining show. Despite I may be biased (everyone knows I have a soft-spot for leng-zai(s) ) but I'm not surprised the Mustangs were the finalist for Astro Battleground. and the ultra cute Koujee was ranked top 4 in Malaysia BeatBox Challenge 2010. He're a little sneak peak from their performance yesterday. (sorry for the low quality camera video - and poor handling of it)

I went "kyaaa!" (at heart) when I saw the cute beatboxer :p

Another one during their closing.

personally, I love their facial expression during their show.

#3 Free Fine Dining food at Avanti, Sunway Hotel Resort & Spa

Our Appetizer - Bacon, (Very Fresh) Salmon, (Yummy) Smoked Tuna, (Unknown) Cheese and (Perhaps) Portuguese Egg Tart

Our Mushroom soup - "Good but slightly watery" - according to food critique blogger, Xiang

My main dish - Dunno what fish but it's good.

Another choice for main dish - Lamb (Medium-Rare)

Of course, as always, mt favorite part of the dishes - Our Desserts. Yummmy~ (unfortunately dunno what it is. but it taste like coffee/tiramisu - ish)

#4 All of us walked back home with RM50 Ang Pow (and some, more, bcoze they got lucky in lucky draw) courtesy from Focus Point.

Gong Xi Fa Cai - Indeed XD  

Happy Thaipussam, and in case I miss you, Gong Xi Fa Cai to those who celebrate it.

Still very much a brat at heart,

Thursday, January 13, 2011

The Beautiful Beginning...

Remember my post - a teaser about someone's new year? Well, you guessed it right. It is an engagement only, it's not mine.

It was an engagement of my two best buds in Varsity. They were engaged on 1.1.11 and they wanted me to be there, as a close friend cum photographer. Since it is "just an engagement" according to the lady of the day, she didn't want her pictures to be out just yet. So, I can't post her pics (coz she didn't want to have to deal with those people who would say "bertunang tak bgtau pun!!" and those who would be asking who she is engaged to). I guess you can say they're a bit conventional about this. Don't worry, if you know them, and they know you, they'll definitely call you for their wedding reception :)

But, that doesn't mean I can't post everything else right? lols~  So, here's some of the humble pictures (that 'probably' won't leak out their identity) I took that day...

Some of the exchanged gifts (hantaran)

From the guy's side

From the lady's side

The promise ring...

The people who tied the promise
Guess who...

It was, a beutiful beginning for them....

Wishing them a happy life, hopefully together forever...

Saturday, January 8, 2011

Someone's meaning of a new year.... (A Teaser)

Without realizing without noticing
Time passes me by leaving me wondering
What is my past and how would my future be
As another dawn is present with you beside me.

Happy New Year Dears :)


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