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Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Just some D-E-L-I-C-I-O-U-S difficult-to-memorize-ice-cream from New Zealand Natural

My coughing fit is at it's worst now. I haven't been sick like this for years. I'm coughing so hard I actually cried a bit. Coughed so hard that my head is painful thanks to the constant vibration it has to endure and coughed so hard that I started to vomit. Yeah, it's that bad. I feel sorry for the people around me who have to bear the noise coming from me.


Being as sick as I am right now, reminded me of things I must abstain from if I want to get better.

Ice creams.

Which in turn reminded of the last time I ate it - before I was this sick.

So, thanks to Melissa, I had the chance, for the first time ever to try the New Zealand Natural Ice Cream. Well, since I was not actually planning to go for any event, I went there without any camera. So, bear with me while I take you through this journey using pictures I manage to "steal" from other bloggers (especially jackieloi). hehehe

Some of the bloggers that show up that night - source

So, after quite a long time not showing for any blogger events, I somehow managed to steal some time to pop up by New Zealand Natural at The Curve. They were introducing a new flavor called "Pecan Praline Crunch" and previewing two desserts for a special limited time and we were lucky enough to have a taste for it!

The first one of its variety that was served to us was the Pecan Praline Crunch Cookie Sundae. 

It was D-E-L-I-C-I-O-U-S and not to mention filling! The soft cookie underneath is to die for! Especially for those who love their sweets. For those who don't really fancy sweets as much (such as me) you might want to share this with someone. It is too good to miss eventhough a bit too sweet to eat the whole portion alone.

The next one that was served to us is the Pecan Praline Crunch Affogato. (yes, the names are impossible to remember. Thank-god for press kits. lol)

This one is a breathe of fresh air to me from the sweetness of the first one. The same delicious ice cream, glazed with caramelized pecan nuts and chocolate syrup and a shot of espresso to accompany it. This is a dessert that will definitely be enjoyed by coffee lover. I'm not too much of a coffee person, but I learned to love this one quickly. The bitter sweet taste accompanied by that delicious crunchy bread gives you a craving for more!

After those two previews, we were allowed to have a taste of any of the many ice cream choices they have

Source - Xue Ren
Unfortunately for me, I had to run back to work, so I had to cut my tasting to a spoon each. I would say you have to try it to believe how good it is!

Pecan Praline Crunch Ice Cream, Pecan Praline Cookie Sundae and Pecan Praline Crunch Affogato will be available at New Zealand Natural outlets by 11th June 2012. For a limited time, the two variations will be on special sale price. Sundae at RM12.90 and RM13.90 for the Affogato. So head out there and give these two scrumptious desert a try! 

Photo Thanks to Michelle Leong

Bon Appetite!! 


Monday, June 11, 2012



When you read that one word, comprises of 2 letters and a full-stop, how did you read it? How did you interpret it? Like every other word that symbolizes emotion in this word, a simple "oh" could have been interpreted in soooo many ways.

Generally, "oh" is understood as an affirmation of something. But the underlying meaning of the affirmation is something debatable.

Depending on the situation. context , the word could mean a lot of thing. So today I want to explore on this little word "oh".

Situation 1
A: Look at that!
B: What?
A: That!

B: Oh...

Okay, are you looking at the ass or the skirt that screams "hey, i just met you, but this is my number, so call me maybe?" hehe

Anyway, in this case "oh" is probably stating "Oh, I see what you mean. Nice one!"

The same conversation, may apply to the opposite with a different "oh"

Situation 2

A: Look at that!
B: What?
A: That!

B: oh!

See? in this "oh" is saying "Damn shit! I see what you mean!"

Then there's also the "oh" that indicates you remember something.

Situation 3: 
A: It's time!
B: What?
A: Don't tell me you forgot!! It's 

B: Oh!

This "oh" usually sound excited and affirming something. Sometimes followed by "shit" "shoot" and other things that indicate they almost (or already) in trouble. XD

There's also "oh" that comes along with a question mark (Oh?)
Like everything that comes with a question mark this "oh" indicates a question. But be careful. Not ALL "oh?" are meant to be answered...

Situation 4:
A: I have NEVER met a guy as coward as you!
B: oh?
Yep it usually come with one eyebrow raised. Be wary. be VERY wary for these kind of "oh". Cause it would usually comes with an action that is total opposite than you expect. If I were you, I'd run. 

In many cases "oh" can be correctly be interpreted with the symbols or words that comes before or after it.
But this one, is the most bewildering one.

Situation 5:
What they said:
A: I'm so sorry. I can't make it. I have to help pick up a friend at XY!

What I heard:
A: I can't make it today, I got something more important than you to do. 

B: oh. 

Yep, when I used the word "oh." To me, no matter what the other person is saying, it meant exactly the above. To me, they just have something else more important than me to pay attention to. 

Which is fine. I mean, I also sometimes have other important things rather than them. In these cases, I would've said "ic, it's ok", or "oh, alright, see you next time". And things like that.

But when I reply only those two letters and a full-stop. You can bet that I'm not okay with it at all. It would have meant I was really looking forward or hoping for it. It would have meant, my heart had just been sliced, and is bleeding a bit. That "oh." would mean

"I'm not okay with this"
"Ouch, that hurts!"
"U are breaking my heart"
"You just completely dashed my hopes"
"So I see, I'm not important enough for you, not the way you are to me."

I'm starting to sound a lot like the overly attached girlfriend. lol

Well, I usually return to normal in a while after that. And I would probably soon forget about that incident.
But still, it doesn't lessen the impact it has on me (lol spoken like a real drama queen.)

So anyway, these are just some of the "oh" that crossed my mind. I bet if I "squeeze" more from my brain, I'll get more. But I'm getting lazier to do so.

Tell me, what does "oh" meant for you?

Will write again when I feel like it XD
The Brat,

Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Drama Class for Adults

I've been browsing the net and I found out that there are not many Drama classes for adults are around.

I mean, why is it usually centered around kids and youth only? Adults can learn as well right?

So, I'm sharing this class I found with you guys. The place is called Broadway Academy Talent School (BATS). The center is located at Kota Damansara (near Giant). The place is quite easy to reach (as long as you know the way. lol)

Anyway, here's the poster of the class. Call them at 03-6142 2601 or email them at

Check em out! Oh yeah, Showcase for the class will be on 16th September 2012. It would be interesting to see what's the result for the class XD

Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Lovey Dovey Tuesday: Foreveralone Post

I always taught that the "foreveralone" term is overrated. 

I mean, no one is truly, really forveralone right?
You have your family, your friends, your collegue or perhaps your neighbor, so you are not really alone.

Technically, you're not.

For me, the most terrible foreveralone feeling is not being alone physically, but being with so many people surrounding you, yet still feeling so lonely, isolated, detached, alone...

That feeling of hollowness inside and no matter what you do and how many people you gather around you, the feeling just go deeper that you can feel it making a hole in the pit of your stomach.

It is especially worst when you look at the wedding/engagement pictures of your closest friends, when you see your friend going somewhere with their partners and having so much fun, when you are in a room with your friend who is on the phone with their significant other, when you called your friends up to meet but they are busy with other plans and every other person you can think of to call and have a chat with, already have someone else that they cherish... The hole just keeps on getting bigger that you feel like if you don't huddle and curl, you are going to be swallowed full by the hole. 

Yep, that feeling comes and visit me once in a while when I have idle time. I have kept myself busy enough not to think of it too much. But with strings of wedding invitations coming from friends my age, and pictures of their cute children and their holiday with their significant other, how the heck am I going to be able not to think about it??

The worst part is that my dad has started pressuring me to get married. He was saying something like giving me another year and if I don't have anyone, he'll get one of my uncle to find one for me. And also saying "yes" to the first person that ask for my hand. I mean "seriously dad???"

I want to say "I'm not ready!"
I want to say "I want to focus on my career!"
I want to say "I don't have time to think about that!"

And other cock-bull-shit I can come out with.

But the truth is just that I am a foreveralone girl. 
I don't have a boyfriend, not even a crush or a love interest right now.
Heck, I don't think anyone have set an eye on me at all and actually, vice-versa too.

What is it that I am looking for? 
What the hell is wrong with me? (Well, other than the obvious fact)

It's not like I have never had people interested in me. But somehow, I always manage to not be anything at all with them. Oh yes, I flirted and had flings aplenty, but none was ever serious. None was ever leading to anything.

And I had god knows how many one sided crushes. None of the guys that I had ever taken fancy on had any fancy at all for me. I have no idea how many times I had been friend-zoned by these guys. But I guess, I learned to live with it shortly after. except for that one time. 

I had a humongous one-sided crush on someone who doesn't like me back - for 4 freaking years!! He stringed me along with no definite answer all those time. Deep down, I must've known he doesn't feel a thing for me, but I kept waiting anyway. And it took me another 3 years to completely get him out of my system which one whole year of it consisting of totally severing contact or connection with him. I lost not only my love, but also my best friend. Now, he is too much out of my system that I don't feel anything at all when it comes to him. Just plain politeness is all. I guess, no matter how much I try, I would never get that best friend I used to have again and the thing is, I never really tried.


And it's not that there were never any advances made by guys for me. But none of them caught my interest, and some is just too plain creepy. Don't get me wrong, I did try to open up and try to get to know them. But that's just the problem. After getting to know them, I didn't and couldn't like them. Even-though I try to give them chances, I would always stop myself due to the bad taste of having to pretend. And it just would not be fair for both of us. Until that one guy, I decided to take a leap of faith on despite him being somewhere I can't possibly reach (overseas).

I used to have this sort-of a boyfriend. Well, that's what he said I can call him - my boyfriend. He expresses interest, and said "love" so many times I have lost count. Asking me to trust him, and that he would NEVER change his mind. Telling me that he would always love me. But he too disappeared on me. "Kapish" just like that. at first a month of no news, there were apologies and promises that it would not happen again, but then it goes to a couple of month, and again, and now, it has been half a year with no news, no calls, not even a text, or fb msg. NOTHING. Heck, we never even officially broke up. He just, well, disappeared, like he never existed - I guess, he never did. A guy so perfectly and seemingly compliments me (in terms of thoughts and ideals) someone who is blessed with good looks and good background, with a mind that I can respect and who just so happens totally adores me. I guess he can just be a result from my over-reactive imagination.

So I was left with an empty shell hanging from an invisible thread. The best part of it (or the worst) is that I'm actually looking at that shell hanging from my ceiling everyday, from the outside but feeling the hollowness of it inside me.

Like I said, I  don't have a boyfriend, not even a crush or a love interest right now.
Heck, I don't think anyone have set an eye on me at all and actually, vice-versa too.

Maybe, taking up on my dad's offer is not such a bad idea after all.


lol~ seriously, even if it kills me, I will not be so desperate for men.
Sure, it would be nice to have a significant other, but I have no plan of losing myself while looking for it. And I am quite sure I am doing well enough fending for my self.

And to my I-have-no-idea-if-you-are-still-my-boyfriend-or-not. I am declaring myself single and available now. If you read this and find that you still "love" me, well buddy, you would have a lot of work to do to try and win me back. (Aw shucks. I sound so vindictive. lols. Don't really care) Cause I promised myself this:

And I'm planning to totally fulfill that promise. and oh yeah,

Seriously, I will. Try me.

Bratty even when I'm eighty,


Monday, June 4, 2012

Mind Blank~

Have you ever been in a situation when suddenly, your mind just went blank, zip, zap, kapush??? Just like that, our minds are completely void and we could not utter a coherence response if our life depended on it.

Well, that just happened to me just yesterday.

It was terrible coz it happen while I was performing as a guest for the SPARKS show choir concert held by Broadway Academy. When it comes to my turn to sing, I went up front and there I am, trying to, but totally unable to remember anything I was supposed to sing. I swear, all of my life, I had never had this kind of experience where I just could not think of ANYTHING. It lasted for about 10 seconds - that 10 seconds where I was suppose to sing. My mind just go "lalalalala" and that's exactly what I sang that time.

My mind would've been something like this~

According to a website I landed on while looking for the "mind blank" situation. My situation would probably goes under the "social anxiety" category - eventhough I don't remember being anxious at all, but the symptoms match. According to this, when we get very anxious the way we think changes. Our conscious mind starts to switch off and we go into more of a reactive state rather than a reflective one. Our senses heighten, our muscles tense and we enter a total state of heightened readiness. Adrenaline engulfs us and we are in the fight or flight mode, which is wonderful if you are being attacked by a pack of junkyard dogs and have to react quickly but it is not so great when it comes to issuing verbal and intelligible responses. - Well it matches my situation cause, eventhough I don't remember my lyrics, I was still coherently dancing to it.

But as I sit down and try to analyze the day, the reason for that boils down to one thing - I was trying to do too much, while under the influence of medicine - and severe headache caused by cold. I took my meds the morning of the show and I swear, I was high on cloud for the most of the day. It almost like I finished the day floating.

So If by any chance any of my fellow performers, friends, boss, colleague, audiences are reading this, I humbly apologize for my performance yesterday. No excuse for my own mistake. I'll work very hard not to make the same mistakes again.

oh yeah, I also have no idea why am I writing this as well. Ah well~ I'll try to get some pictures of the performance and share with you guys soon. Till then, take care!


Sunday, June 3, 2012

Double Graduation


Yep, I have finally finished my degree and had my convocation.
The last time, when I wrote about ..... I had just finished my Diploma. I must say, it was quite exciting for me then, being the first time and all.

But this time, despite finishing with distinction and waaaay better result, I wasn't really that excited anymore. Working life had taken it's toll on me. I was actually reluctant to be there (since I had sooo many unfinished work) and I was actually still working even on my off day.

Also - it reminded me that my care-free days are over. It's time to face reality and let it smack on me.

The only reason I even bother to go in the first place, was for my parents. Even if for a short while, I've made them proud. That is all that matters. Oh yeah,  and also the fact that the announcer had to actually say "Anugerah Naib Canselor, Kelas Pertama" (Vice Chancellor Award, First Class) before saying my name. hehe.

So anyway, just thought I'd share some of the photos that I didn't take on that day. (Was too lazy to take it out.) XD

Oh yeah Double Graduation

A few days after that, Broadway Academy Talent School had their first showcase, which also doubles as the graduation ceremony for the students.

Naturally, I also graduated on that day. The performance was a success, we had awesome fun and I have an extra three certificate with me in acting, singing and dancing. How cool was that!

Take a look of some of these picture!

Oh yeah~ I'm a full fledge, totally amateur performer now lol.
This is only the beginning~~

Brat the performer,

Friday, June 1, 2012

Being A Girl

Wow, I can't believe how long it has passed since I last wrote in this blog. Oh, don't get me wrong. I tried. I have a few drafts here, but somehow I didn't get to finish it. But, as Ernest (Bro don't like that la Bro) had so very kindly point it out to me, "the fairy populace in that daisy field needs to be kept in check". Now we won't want them to lose their spark and "fizzle" do we?

Being a girl.

It's not difficult.

It's not weird,

it's just what it is.

When I was much younger, (in school) I always despise being seen just as another girl. Well, I still do now - because I believe I am more than just "a girl", But back then, probably due to the notion of "girls are weak" "girls are lame" I just don't like when people (especially boys) refuse to do something or include me in games because I'm a "girl".

Well, yes, I do have the classic signs of a tomboy, except, I wasn't exactly one.

I wear my hair in ponytail (before I started to wear Hijab) and loves to wear skirt. I enjoy playing dress-up and I also enjoy playing masak2 and kahwin2 with my siblings and cousins. My mom's make-up is never safe from me and my sister's clutches and you know, all those girly things girl do, like playing with barbie dolls and stuff.

But, at the same time, I love to play in the dirt. I enjoy going to the stream behind my grandma's house with the boys, love to get up on the tree and pick some fruits, ride the bicycle out, playing catch, playing bottle cap and other games with the boys. I especially enjoy the arcade and the rides at a fun park and no - I've never liked the girly/kiddie rides - I always go for the extreme.


So when guys just dissed me aside because I'm a "girl" I hated it. I really do.

But as I grew up, I started to appreciate being a girl. Somewhere along the way, I learned that it's ok for me to act and think like a girl. There's nothing bad or lame about being a girl. Sure, there are some restrictions but it's not so bad at all.

I had realized myself that there are somethings (as cool and fun as it seems) wouldn't look so good for a girl to do it. It may be social adjustment, or complying to what society thinks or believe, but nevertheless, I see it as it is. I started to see that some of the things that girls don't usually do are the things that doesn't really matter anyway.


I see that, it is not so bad being the "weaker" one. It doesn't mean that I can't do it myself or that I can't survive if there are no guys doing it for me. But it is definitely nice to have them do it for me. It also makes life much easier. Sometimes, I find that, I let them do it because I like to see it. There is something somewhat flattering and endearing about guys who do things for girls (but not up to the extent of being a slave or queen control-ish kind of way).

Then I also started to see the limitations that is me.Not necessarily because I'm a girl, but more because I am just not as big or as strong as the boys. As "sturdy" as I like to believe I am, I know for sure that I have the stamina of an unfit 60 year old, and it doesn't help that I have asthma since I was 5. So I know, as much as I love extreme sport and hiking and just being rowdy and wild, I know I couldn't last long. It would take me twice as much time than my friends to finish a jungle tracking, So I never force anyone to wait for me, and I definitely warned them beforehand, I'll be slowing them down.

One of the perks of being a girl :p

What I really hate is to be seen "JUST" as a girl. or "JUST" as anything. I believe that everyone is more that another "just".

I AM a girl - or maybe at this age, a woman. I AM a Muslim, I AM a Malay, I AM a Malaysian. THAT is just some part of who I AM. but that doesn't defines me - not totally.

I'm not a very feminist person. Yes, I believe that girls could excel just as much as guys in many things. But there are certain things that guys do much better - and look better at doing it than girls. I don't believe in "equality" because "equal" is not necessarily "fair". 

For example, how is it fair that a person who works twice as much and need the money twice as much coz they need to provide for a family of 11 gets "equal" amount of gain as someone who doesn't?
To be fair, people need to get what they need in proportion to how much they deserve it. 

I don't expect it, but I do like it very much when guys do things for me. Example, holding the door open for me, helping me with lifting things - even when I didn't ask for it. It's actually nice to be treated like a princess once in a while. (too much of it would be a bit tiresome though). I am an independent person. Had always been one. But it would be awesome to have someone I can depend on.


Honestly, I have no idea what made me write this post. I'm not even sure where this post has just went to. It's probably the flu that I'm having right now that has just infected my throat and up to my head. Luckily I'm not on my PMS now. lol~

Ah well, hope u manage to wade through my post and sort-of enjoyed reading it. Uh Oh, I want to share something I found from the Net. I FIGHT LIKE  A GIRL! Damn right I do!


A sick Brat,


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