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Friday, December 24, 2010

Miss ME yet?

Miss me YET?

Yes, I was missing from the web-world for 8 whole days. I just could not access the internet from where I was in the past 8 days. Even if I did have access to the internet, I doubt that I would have had any time to update my humble blog. Yes, the brat was sent to a camp.

I wish it was something or ANYTHING like CAMP ROCK

But there were no or very little singing that we did.

I wish it was a SUMMER CAMP

where it is all sunshine and fun. Of course, since Malaysia don't exactly have "summers" so there are no such thing as summer camps.

So what camp was it?

It was the very-exhausting-8-long-days-mind-AND-body-challenging Leadership Camp. With half-spartan conductors and tight schedule and lots and LOTS and LOTS of running and walking. (Oh yes, I pulled a leg cramp thanks to that) 

After the first torture I put my body through the first 4 days, The next 4 days I tortured my mind to pay attention to the endless talks and forums while trying my best to participate and stay awake when I have barely 2 hours of sleep each day. (Oh yes, I failed miserably at trying to stay awake)


I had the most awesome time EVER! It was always great to get to know new people and trying out new things to do and pushing oneself to their limit.In case you haven't noticed, I am the kind of person who seek for things to do to the point that I would exhaust myself - and then complain about it.

Bratty ain't it? Just though I'd drop a simple note to tell you where I've gone. so, did you miss me?

Still exhausted brat,

Monday, December 13, 2010

Studying for Passion or Subjection?

Before I continue, let me enlighten you guys what I mean by Passion and Subjection.

Passion here, without any doubt means u are doing it because you love it. because you enjoy it. because you are enthusiastic about it.

Subjection here would mean because you have to (like your parents ask you to) or because it's your responsibility to do so.

Why I use the word "subjection" instead of just plain "responsibility" u might ask.

1st, because it is never just because of "responsibility" it is more than that. You are subjected to it. You just HAVE and MUST do it - for whatever reasons you can come out with. Responsibility is just one of it.

And 2nd, because it rhymes with "Passion" ^__^

Back to the subject. I started to think about this today when my brother announces his (very) bad result (again) to my father. So, we kind of have a little discussion on the matter and a word my dad say just stuck on my mind and I decided to make a blog post out of it. He said,

"it's not just about weather you are passionate about it or not, it is your responsibility to study"

I understand where that came from. Being a Father who needs to work 18 hours a day just to make ends meet, seeing his only son not being able to perform just breaks his heart. He do not wish the same life for his son. And I get that. (Everytime I think about how hard my dad works for us, I'd get so emotional it makes me cry a tear)

But Daddy dearest, please understand. He's just not cut out for the course he is currently taking. I've said that from the start. (he's now going on to his fourth semester). Judging from his character, I am positive he could not perform in his current course. I am not trying to undermine my brother, because I know that he had tried his best. I know what it feels like to be there. And I'm saying this as someone who experienced it first.

I was once like my brother. I took a course that I was not cut out for and I failed miserably to perform. I tried my hardest to study. In fact I studied much harder back then than I do now, but each time my results came out, I'd be disappointed. Every time seeing the result that could hardly reach a 3.0  breaks my heart so much that I'd cry. It even make me feel reluctant to continue my studies. So, I know EXACTLY how my brother is feeling right now.

But when I solidify my stand, and took a leap and changed my course, I was able to perform much much waaaaay much better than I did before. Not only was I able to get better results, I was also enjoying my studies and my student life. The CHANGE I decided to take was exactly the thing I needed. Knowing myself and where my PASSION lies is the first step I had taken.

If you have read my previous post SMART ke? you might think what I am saying today contradicts with what I was saying back then. But to me it isn't. It's one thing to fail in fulfilling your responsibility because you are barely trying, it is another when you have tried your best yet still failing.

I agree that studying is a responsibility. What you need to do and must do. But without passion, even if you succeeded in fulfilling that responsibility, it would be a hollow victory. In the end, you'd suddenly find yourself in a whole different path than you expect (and were expected) to be.

Without passion that responsibility is a subjection - you'd feel like a slave doing it. But when you have passion, fulfilling that responsibility is something you would look forward too. Even if it is a difficult path, because you are passionate about it, you'd go through it, and even if you fall into a heap of garbage, you'll come out smiling and smelling like roses. The success you achieved, is one you would be proud of.

Just like how I feel today. I smile each time I look at my results slip. If I hadn't taken that leap years ago, I would probably still frowning at my result. I would NEVER had a chance to feel proud with all the hard work I've poured into my studies. I guess it is because I am studying for my Passion and NOT just Subjection. I have a responsibility to study, to perform to be an example to my siblings as well as making my parents proud. But I'm doing it with a smile instead of frowns feeling like a warrior instead of a slave.

I wish my brother and everyone could feel the joy I have in studying. And feel proud of what you had worked so hard for like  I do now. Learning should not be something you would take as a burden, it should be a gift you'd be happy to receive.

Just a little thought from the Brat,

p/s: none of the picture belongs to me. I Google it up.

Saturday, December 11, 2010

Musical Melancholy~

All I hear is you
All I want to hear is you
But what I hear is all but you

Friday, December 10, 2010

Apparently, I am suffering from "Combined Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD)"

I was helping my friend translating a questionnaire set of various disorders (including drug and alcohol abuse as well as bullying and psychotic). As I was translating the set, I had subconsciously been  answering the questions as I go. Of course, none of it fit the brat's profile, until, the brat reached this one. I answered "Yes" to most of the questions or symptoms, and according to the manual inserted along with it, apparently the Brat is suffering from  "Combined Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder" - and I don't even know about it until now.

ADHD is one of the most common childhood disorders and can continue through adolescence and adulthood. Symptoms include difficulty staying focused and paying attention, difficulty controlling behavior, and hyperactivity (over-activity). A person with ADHD act without thinking, are hyperactive, and have trouble focusing. They may understand what's expected of them but have trouble following through because they can't sit still, pay attention, or attend to details.

Now, I'm gonna share with u the questions that I had answered.

Before that, a word of WARNING, please read until the end of the post, so that you won't be running to your doctor or parents because you thought you have ADHD. The Brat is not and will not be responsible for any mis-diagnose on your part.


Have you often not paid enough attention to details?
Well, actually most of the time.
Made careless mistakes in school?
Like counting 2x3 as 5? all the time...
Have you often had trouble keeping your attention focused when playing or doing schoolwork?
oh yes, definitely. I'll study for 5 and play for 30.
Have you often been told that you do not listen when others talk directly to you?
All the time
Have you often had trouble following through with what you were told to do (Like not following through on schoolwork or chores)?
Definitely (especially chores) my mom had a kick in lecturing me everytime
Did this happen even though you understood what you were supposed to do?
Did this happen even though you weren't trying to be difficult?
Yes and sometimes No. Hey, I'm a brat, I am EXPECTED to be difficult.
Have you often had a hard time getting organized?
Just take a look at my room and you'll stop asking that question. YES
Have you often tried to avoid things that make you concentrate or think hard (like schoolwork)?
Ugh~ Thinking make my head hurts
Do you hate or dislike things that make you concentrate or think hard?
Didn't I just said my head hurts?
Have you often lost or forgotten things you needed?
All the time
Like homework assignments, pencils, or toys?
Yes, yes, yes, and many more. Who knows where I put my car keys, or my guitar pick, or my umbrella....
Do you often get distracted easily by little things (Like sounds or things outside the room)?
Actually it's the other way round. so NO.
Do you often forget to do things you need to do every day (Like forget to comb your hair or brush your teeth)?
I forgot to feed my cat, I forgot to take my diet pills, does that count?


In the past six months:
Did you often fidget with your hands or feet?
No. But They are always moving (I'm always doing something)
Or did you squirm in your seat?
Not that I noticed.
Did you often get out of your seat in class when you were not supposed to?
Yes, to the point my teacher calls my father in because "I move around too much in class" (this was when I was in primary school)
Have you often run around or climbed on things when you weren't supposed to?
And thus my a bit distorted ankle. I climb and I jump and my mom always say I when I was a baby I never stopped running once I learned how to walk.
Did you run around or climb on things even though you didn't mean to?
Nope. I climb because I want to
Have you often had a hard time playing quietly?
What is playing quietly? You've got to make some noise, then it's called playing..
Were you always "on the go"?
Oh Yes.
Have you often talked too much?
Have you often blurted out answers before the person or teacher has finished the question?
Have you often had trouble waiting your turn?
Can you wait patiently in a traffic jam? Then you must be a saint.
Have you often interrupted other people, Like butting in when other people are talking or busy or when they are on the phone?
Yes. What I want to say is important. So ppl should listen :p


- If yes, COMBINED Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder

- If yes, INATTENTIVE Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder

- If yes, HYPERACTIVE/IMPULSIVE Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder

But of course, that is only true IF these symptoms had shown themselves BEFORE I was 7 and if it had in any way affected me in classroom, playground, home, community and social life.

Truth is, I am TOO OLD to be diagnosed as ADHD. And, even if I'm not, I don't remember it affected me in any of the above areas. TOO BAD. If not, I could attribute my little-than-less-successful life to it. Plus I could always get out of doing assignments because of it! LOLS.

NAh- I'm glad I am nOrmal (well, as normal as I can be).

Just so I have the facts right, There are also ADHD among adults (which is quite a different story than mine). But if I explain it here, it would take too long. So you can just check it out from this website.

Note this. I am not posting this up to make fun or ridicule those who have ADHD. If anything, I scorn those who make fun of people who just can't help themselves being the way they are. We need to care for these people and help them in any way we could. Children who have ADHD may need extra attention and work, but instead of getting angry and impatient we should be supporting them and help them to learn and cope with their situation.

These are not only hard on the child, but also the their parents. What kind of a human being we would be if we disregard those who need help because we find it a bit more hassle? Oh yes, you've guessed it a SELFISH person. And what does it says for us as a  person that forces more burden on such frail shoulders? I would say, INHUMAN.

I believe, in each of us, we have a bit of this ADHD symptoms. In the end it depends on us how we wish to cope with it. Would we surrender? Or would we fight?

Just the Brat sharing her Thoughts,
p/s: none of the pictures above belongs to me. I thank Google for it.

Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Salam Maal Hijrah

Mungkin agak terlewat, tapi Brat nak ucapkan

Kepada semua umat Islam di SELURUH DUNIA 

To those who are wondering what "Maal Hijrah" is, it is the 
"NEW YEAR" for Muslims according to our calendar.

Yes, it's a mark of new transformation, new resolutions, a metamorphosis if you wish to.
Just like any other new year...

Semoga hari esok kita lebih baik dan gemilang dari semalam dan hari ini. 

Ikhlas dan Sincerely dari si Brat,

Friday, December 3, 2010

All WORK and NO Play makes NANA a very UNHAPPY BRAT!!

*Sigh. When I applied for a part-time job with my uni I didn't really know what I signed up for...

I thought it would be all play and no work.


or at lest, it would be like taking a walk at the park..

Beautiful picture by Proggie

But NO. nothing like that happened. Now the Brat is sitting on her bed with a back pain. 
Ah yes, this short post is done SOLELY to reaffirm how LAZY the Brat really is...


So what did I do that cause me to have a big *sigh?

let's see, 
I had to extract a few hundreds of log books from these piles of boxes.

and these are only half of them

and then, from the hundreds of log books, 

I had to match them by dates to these 1000++ list.

see? 1804!!!

 IOW, I had to go through all those books page, by page by page, by PAGE..
So, no wonder by the end of the LOOONG 8 hours, I ended up like this.

Ahhh.. what I'd give for a holiday right now...
I AM going for one tomorrow!!
It's play time!!


The Brat,

Tuesday, November 30, 2010

HELP VOTE needed

Hye alls. I just really really need your help here.
I just entered the Mitsubishi ASX-perience competition and I need your votes

find my name "Nana Eddy" and click the "LIKE" button. 

please oh please???

The Brat who's practically begging for help,

Case of the Stolen Keys to Tron: Legacy by TGV

Car keys? House keys? Locker Keys? Diary Keys? Treasure chest keys?

No, nothing like that. We've spent a lot of our time before ransacking our bags, our closet, our room, our house for all those keys - and usually it was NEVER stolen.

The "keys" I'm talking about is much more important than that. It is so important that the owners are giving out sweet prizes to those who could solve the mystery.

What is it? Oh nothing much. Just entire screening hall of any movie + a Panasonic 50" 3D LCD + 3D Blu-ray Player and more.

So, go to their Facebook Page - and give it a try. who knows you'll be the lucky one to walk away with these awesome prizes!

But as for me, I'm no Sherlock Holmes. I'm too slow when it comes to solving mysteries. So instead, I'm spreading the word so that u guys with a knack in mysteries could help and solve the mystery! Of course it comes with a sweet deal for me too.

Courtesy of TGV Cinemas and Walt Disney Studios Motion Pictures Malaysia, me and other 49 Nuffies and their guests will be watching the Premiere Screening of Tron: Legacy 2 days before it's official release date. Huzzah! to that :)


If you want a shot of becoming the other 49 Nuffies, head straight to Nuffnang's blog and see for yourselves!

The brat who REALLY want to go and see TRON,

Saturday, November 27, 2010

Acro What??? They Just make my head spins

Okay, I must admit, ACRONYMS or ABBREVIATIONS are the trend. I use it sometimes too. Like lols, btw, ASAP. But seriously too much of something is REALLY bad. There are a hell lot of this acro thingy flying about the web AND real life that it makes my head spin.

Yes u might think I'm too old fashioned or too "kampung'-y but I really DO NOT understand half of the acro used in the web. And eventhough I found out the meaning later, I still feel that it is ridiculous.


the word "LMAO" (Laugh My Ass Off) sounds a lot like "lemau" (state where cookies or chips has become un-crunchy) to me.

ROFL (Rolling On the Floor Laughing) sounds like someone chocked on something and is trying to call out for help.

IMO (In My Opinion) sounds like someone confessing being an "emo"

And there also some other Acro I've never heard off. This are some that sprung out from a website while I was doing a bit ground research  on this

afaik as far as I know
afaict as far as I can tell
afk away from keyboard
atm at the moment
bbiab be back in a bit  (I would've mistaken someone calling me a bab.. if I didn't know this)
bbiaf be back in a few (minutes)
bbl be back later
bbs be back soon
bfo blinding flash of the obvious
ctrn can’t talk right now
cul8r see you later (It almost looks like a calculator)
fubar f***ed up beyond all recognition
fwiw for what it’s worth
iam in a meeting (I would've thought the text was written unfinished "I am??")
ianal I am not a lawyer ("I anal" OMG!! *horror)
ihmb I hate my boss
imho in my humble opinion
irl in real life
gmta great minds think alike
otoh on the other hand
pita pain in the ass (PITA? *raise eyebrow questioningly TAPE? tape worm? lols)
rsn real soon now (reason? raisin?)
slap sounds like a plan (*Ouch)
ttfn ta ta for now (people really use this? why not just use "bye" instead?)
ttyl talk to you later
xfer transfer

I mean, do you guys seriously use most of this? It is damn hard to be understood - not unless you are familiar with it... Hmmm should I use it on my tweets from now on?

*sigh I feel so old

The old brat,

Friday, November 26, 2010

STOP Child Abuse


What is more horrible than being physically abused? Believing that bruises and blemishes on your face and body is a normal thing to have? Believing that pain is love, or that pain is normal? 

Yes the worst thing about being abused is not the physical pain or about the bruises and blemishes that appears on ones face and body, but the emotional scar that never leaves you even when you grew older. The subconscious denial you have or the answers you search when you ask the question why? "Why am I being treated this way?" "Why are my parents angry?" "Why are they doing this?" "Why me?"

Being a child to me is being carefree about the world. The time where we would have fun, make friends and learn all sorts of thing and just be happy. We would have endless things to worry about when we get older, so as a child, we were blessed with not having to care about it - or that is how it should be. It should not hurt to be a child.

I read this on a website and I thought I should share this with you guys. If you are even half a human, you would feel crushed reading this poem. 

My name is Sarah 
I am but 3 
My eyes are swollen, 
I cannot see 
I must be stupid 
I must be bad 
what else could 
make my daddy so mad? 
I wish i were better 
I wish i werent ugly 
Then maybe my 
mommy would still 
want to hug me 
I cant speak at all 
I cant do no wrong 
Or i'm locked up 
all the day long 
When i awake i'm all alone 
The house is dark 
my folks arent home 
When my mommy does come 
I'll try and be nice 
and maybe i'll get just 
one whipping tonight. 
Dont make a sound 
I just heard a car 
My daddy is back 
from Charlie's Bar 
I hear him curse 
my name he calls 
I press myself 
against the wall 
I try and hide 
From his evil eyes 
I'm so afraid now 
I'm starting to cry 
He finds me weeping 
He shouts ugly words 
He says its my fault 
he suffers at work 
He slaps me and hits me 
And yells at me more 
I finally get free 
I run for the door 
He's already locked it 
I start to bawl 
He takes me and throws me 
Against the hard wall 
I fall to the floor 
with bones nearly broken 
My daddy continues 
with more bad words spoken 
I'm sorry I scream 
But now its to late 
His face had been twisted 
Into unimaginable hate 
The hurt the pain 
Again and again 
Oh god have mercy 
Oh please let it end 
And he finally stops 
He heads for the door 
I lay there motionless 
sprawled on the floor 
My name is Sarah 
I am but 3 
Today my daddy 

This was written because some parents beat their kid to death. How could a parent had the heart to do that to their own flesh and blood still wonders me to no end. They do not deserve to be parents, perhaps, they don't even deserve to be human.

I leave you all with this heart-wrenching music video by Martina McBride - "Concrete Angel". I cried watching this video. No kid (or any human being) deserves to be treated that way. Hope this will seep into your hearts and make you feel like doing something about it - like what it did to me.

Have a heart guys. Get on board. Stop Child Abuse. 
The Brat with Opinions,

*all pictures do NOT belong to me. I Google-d it up. This is also written in conjunction with Nuffnang's pledge to help Child abuse. Hey, maybe I'd win something while awaking concern in some of you. :)

I want Dome Vouchers from HITOMI

Just trying out my luck. So HITOMI is giving out Dome Vouchers with the introduction of "10 iconic Dome Classic" 

For more details give a visit to now!!

Just a simple post from the brat,


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