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Friday, July 30, 2010

The future for FKPM Hockey team

What will happen when a recently-grown-up-brat becomes the manager for the faculty's hockey team?

Scenario #1

Legends like Wayne Gretzky are born.

Image from

Scenario #2

Great players that is going to representing Malaysia will emerge, kicking the 'old' guys like CBH away

Picture from
Scenario #3

The team going to champ the SAF

All this could and would happen IF

The team ACTUALLY came down for practice. Which didn't happen. Only 4 faces that usually shows up. 

The said manager ACTUALLY have some skills or experience.
-The fact is, the last time the manager actually holds a hockey stick to play is about 12 years ago. And the number of time she did play was less than 10 times.

So what WILL happen to the team?

We will together see the result of the match this Saturday 31st July at Hockey Stadium Tun Abdul Razak.

Yours, Truly

3 Question I gave up on trying to find the answers

Yes, I know, I had disappeared for quite some time. I had been too busy to drop by for a post. So today, to cure your missing for the brat (if any), I'm posting up the

TOP 3 Things the BRAT GAVE UP on Thinking about.

- Because I WOULD never get the answer
- Because it's tiring
- Because, it is best let happen naturally.

Alright here it goes

Thursday, July 22, 2010

The Chronicles of Nana Eddy

Have you ever wondered, how the BRAT would blog IF I repeat IF she decides to grow up?

Wednesday, July 21, 2010

I saw my Wednesday Blue in color...

Erghhh today had NOT been one of my best day.

1 .I woke up late and had to leave home without finishing myself up.

Tuesday, July 20, 2010

The Awesome-most Bond Odori - ness

Hello Dudes and Duddetes. I haven't been updating lately due to 1.Busyness and 2. Laziness.
When I'm both lazy and busy, I become unproductive.

Lazy + Busy = LABU = squishy + time = perish = yucky = unproductive

Yeah, I know. It's simply ingenious. ^_^

Anyway, amidst all the laziness and busyness I managed to drop by the Bon Odori celebration in Shah Alam this year. People were SWARMING to the event. I mean you can see a sea of people EVERYWHERE

Friday, July 16, 2010

What If I’m a Russian Spy

First, let me look the part... you know the deal, dark clothes, nothing too revealing, something that doesn't attract attention...

 Nah.. Too bright

Sunday, July 11, 2010

Modeling - much?

You know, I have always loved portrait photography. especially those beautiful pictures of entertainers. So I decided to go on a project of copying them. haha...

Can you imagine? 

The brat posing for the camera like an artist would?

This is still in planning process, but, here's a sneak peak of it.

BEWARE you might need a barf bag!

Saturday, July 10, 2010

Maybe the moon is shy???


yup, the moon is just being shy

hehe. I know, it's boring reading the review about this movie yet again! But bare with me. Maybe You'll find something interesting, to agree or disagree with me.

Thursday, July 8, 2010

SEX education in school???


is what my Prof. said. He added

"Even a blind man could have children. Who taught him SEX?"

which I laughed at very hard - but also makes me start to think, what is SEX education about?
and he added,

"We don't need to teach sex. What we need to do is enforce the knowledge on the implications of sex through religion/moral studies"

When it broke, I heard my heart cracked.

Have you ever been in a situation, where you thought that you are over that particular something, but then *WHAMM!!* reality decides to slap you in the face and kick you right in the guts with the truth and says "Guess what? You're not over it yet!"

Sunday, July 4, 2010

Mayday Mayday!! Man down! Man Down! I repeat, MAN DOWN!!

Attention all bloggers! Blogger down! blogger down!!

I am Sooo Sick.

Do you guys remember a MAGGI advert once-upon a time ago "Bila mula sekolah, Demam pun datang ye la sayang?" Then, "Orang sakit, tak boleh makan MAGGI" the daughter then said "Dah Baik dah..."

My mom said, I am like that. since I was little, I always got sick just about when the school start. but unlike the advert, I was NOT pretending. Tomorrow, the new term for my uni starts - and surprise surprise, I am SO SICK.

If yesterday I graced you with the ME that is all cutie... So today, I'm gonna enter your dreams with my ghastly-oh-so-sick face.

BEWARE if you can't stomach horror, RUN AWAY, do not look!!

~cough ~cough ~sneeze. So sick...

Hope the rest of you are well and not sick. Take care.

The VERY very sick brat,


like the post? Nang it please!

Once Upon A Brat...

I have no idea on what to blog. Nothing attracts my attention -yet. As I was browsing through JFook's blog, I thought I'd follow his lead, and take a step into memory lane.

But unlike JFook, I'm not going to put a lot of my pictures growing up because
1. I went through my family album, and I find that I don't have that much of pictures. I must have developed some anti-camera attitude (or I just lost my pictures.)
2. Unlike JFook, I look much better when I was younger. While JFook "slimmed down" I was, well... "slimmed up"??? GKK (gelak kuat2 = lol)

These Pictures (some of it) are absolutely cute. GKK

When I was around 1 years old,

Born to ride baby! Yeaaahhh!!

Bratty kid ^_^

Thursday, July 1, 2010

I LoOuRve To ToucH My.... XD

Lols the topic is SOOOOO SUGGESTIVE no? haha. Now you don't go and think "something" else okay. I am a "good" brat. muahahaha!!!

Let's see, I love to touch my... furry kittens. I'd spent time stroking them, playing with them and laughing at them. They always give a very cutesy respond when I do and their fur is like silk. Plus they are super duper cuddly!!

No quality pics of them so, I leave you with an "author's illustration" :p


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