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Tuesday, August 31, 2010

A Merdeka Post by the Brat

Hari ini brat nak buat satu 'post' dalam Bahasa Melayu. Bersempena dengan sambutan kemerdekaan yang ke 53 ni, brat nak memakmurkan Bahasa Kebangsaan kita dalam blog Brat. Mungkin rasa nya berbeza, tapi asasnya tetap sama.

Selama ini, Brat belum pernah menulis dalam Bahasa. Bukan kerana Brat tidak boleh atau tidak bangga menulis dengan Bahasa Kebangsaan kita, tetapi selain daripada tempat Brat meluahkan perasaan, blog ini juga merupakan suatu platform untuk Brat berlatih Bahasa Inggeris Brat. 'Omputeh' kata "practice makes perfect". Tak salah kan?

Mungkin Brat hanyalah sekadar seorang anak muda yang adakalanya nakal dan seolah-olah terlupa akan asal usulnya. Tetapi, sebenarnya Brat ni agak patriotik. Tak percaya? Sungguh. Brat suka nak menghayati sejarah, kadangkala, bila mendengar cerita tentang perjuangan atuk nenek moyang kita dulu bertungkus lumus menentang penjajah, terasa sayu dan sebak. Apatah lagi bila tengok anak-anak muda sekarang, bertungkus-lumus dan berkejaran untuk menjadi seperti penjajah, dan terus mengagungkan mereka.

Cukup bab sedih. Brat nak cerita pasal satu pertandingan reka poster dekat Fakulti Brat. Ada beberapa poster yang sangat menarik perhatian Brat. Maaf kualiti gambar yang agak teruk. Brat cuma ambil gambar dengan kamera di telefon bimbit, jadi kualitinya agak kurang.

Poster yang paling Brat suka,
Karya - Azhani binti Amir
Selain dari itu, beberapa poster lain yang sangat simbolik, bermakna dan cantik pada Brat;

Karya - tak ingat lah. Nanti Brat semak balik ye.

Karya - Emm.. nanti Brat kena semak balik juga.

Karya - Mazlin Aisha binti Zainal Abidin

Karya - Ahmad Fazley Ahmad Suhaimi

Cantik bukan? Banyak lagi karya-karya yang sama menarik di pamerkan di Fakulti Brat. Selain cantik, apa yang Brat suka adalah penghayatan erti kemerdekaan dan konsep 1 Malaysia dalam poster-poster tersebut.

Satu peringatan dari Brat, kita semua tidak kira bangsa, agama, warna kulit dan kepercayaan, adalah rakyat Malaysia. Kita semua berada dalam satu kapal. Andainya kapal ini tenggelam, tiada seorang pun antara kita akan terselamat. Hargailah kemerdekaan yang kita ada. 53 tahun mungkin terasa lama, tapi, jika dibanding dengan beratus-ratus tahun kita dibawah jajahan asing, apakah cukup kebebasan selama 53 tahun itu?

Selamat hari Merdeka, dari Brat,

Sunday, August 29, 2010

Liar, Liar, Pants on Fire...

Have you ever wondered why people tend to lie when they did something wrong? Lying, seems like an easy way out, but when the truth is, in the end, it will cause much more havoc, much more heartache and hurt, then when you admit it in the first place. Actually, most of us know that already, but still we choose to lie. Why?

I blame my elders for that.

Subconsciously we had been taught by our environment that telling the truth will only get us into trouble. Just imagine a careless child spilling the water on the floor. When mommy ask who did it, and the child innocently confess - the child obviously got scolded by mommy. Scolded wrongly, the kid learned admitting your wrong and telling the truth will get you into trouble, instead of trying to be more careful next time. Then imagine this scenario happens again, do you think the child would confess again? Even an animal had better sense than doing so.

This scenario happens not once but a few times as we grow up. Every time we confess on doing something wrong, we usually got into trouble for it. Slowly, it became engraved in our minds and we feel afraid to tell the truth and we opt for the long way and seemingly less painful way out, by lying.

So I am making a vow to myself today, and making you guys as my witnesses that I would not scold my children in the way that makes them afraid to tell the truth the next time.

You guys should think about it too. What we are today are the result of what we learn by observing what others do and how they treat us and are being treated throughout our lives. Are we going to let our children opt for lying, when lying is actually a more painful and long way out?

Well, it's just me, a brat saying, But hey, just because I'm a brat, that doesn't mean I'm wrong. Heed the saying 

"Listen not to who are saying but to what they are saying".

Take care,
Another short jot in by The Brat,

Friday, August 27, 2010

An Insight on the Brat

Personality test. Now be honest, Why do you do Personality Test??

Some might say "I want to know more about me" many would say "In order to know what is best for me I need to understand myself" and some would go for "Unleashing my potential" excuse.

Truth - I love doing personality tests.
Truth - I'm doing it because I just love reading about the good things that I am. LOL. That - and I like comparing how the tests reflect my real personality - it is so FUN!

Friday, August 20, 2010

Two HATE letters to brat... :(

This is my first time ever receiving such letters. And it comes in double! This post is a bit late, but I still want to share it with you guys.

It started with an almost normal day for the brat. Usually I will ride a stick geared Kancil to campus. but my 'lovely' little brother went and smash it to smithereens when he decided to doze off on wheel and crashed with the divider (no injuries and one died - the engine). So, I was planning to ride his motorbike to the campus when I found out that it just won't start. So, I had no other choice but to take my mom's car - an automated geared Wira.

Monday, August 9, 2010

*urrrpp...* there goes another 100++ - Santini

This is the Brat's first ever FOOD REVIEW!! I can't believe I'm actually doing one. But, here goes...

BEWARE this is a review done by a brat who have absolutely zero knowledge on Italian food and has little or no taste bud training. So this review DO NOT represent the people who loves Italian food but it should be sufficient for those who are used to heavily oiled, spiced, taste - typical Malaysian and kampung food.

Last Saturday, 07.08.2010, I met with Chef Federico Michieletto the president of Chef Association Malaysia for a small interview for my assignment - which I wote in a different post here.

Friday, August 6, 2010

Colorful Visitors

I had NOTHING to blog about. Well, I can't think of anything - just yet. But as I was browsing through my nuffnang page, I came across my visitors rate.

Of course being logical, I would've taught most of my visitors came from Malaysia and perhaps Singapore. You know, how nuffnang allocates different color for different countries, NEVER would have I thought my visitor percentage is this colorful!

Monday, August 2, 2010

Who says the BRAT can't be a MANAGER?

As it turns out, the brat is one heck of a sucessful manager. Maybe it is just luck, maybe my team is so damn talented or maybe I just have the STAR within me to be a manager.

I like it to be the last. ^_^

Maybe I'm some kind of Maurinho disciple - "The One" lols.

Whatever the reason is, I am proud to announce that The Faculty of Mass Communication UiTM's Hockey Team emerge victorious - as the champion no less!!

A celebration - I just Love this picture

We are the CHAMPIONS!!
Read more about it here ---> From Zero to Hero

MassComm Hockey Team - From Zero to Hero

Winning Hugs after the Final Win
 They came as the underdog - they barely have enough players, and they had never even once had a proper practice. They had an absolutely inexperienced manager who knows little, too little about hockey and unlike the other teams, they are the only one with a female manager.

They are truly the best. With 3 wins, 1 ties, 1 penalty win and 0 loses, they paved their way as UiTM's SAF 2010 Hockey Champion.

The top scorer is our own version of Chua Boon Huat, Firdaus or better known in the hockey field as Ah Chong. He scored 3 goals out of 6. The first goal was also delivered by him during the match with MEDIC faculty in the 1st round.

Firdaus a.k.a Ah Chong a.k.a Abang Jambul a.k.a Abang Jersi 6 :p

1st goal from FKPM

The rest was delivered by;

Izzul, the team captain. Self acclaimed "Jacob Black". He scored the ultimate winning goal in the penalty against the highly anticipated Sport Science Faculty (FSR).
Izzul a.k.a John = Team Captain

Just because he's a junior, that doesn't make him any less powerful than the other players. Hatta, delivered the 2nd goal for MassComm in the fight with MEDIC faculty.

2nd Goal for the match against MEDIC

Even though he's not the top scorer, he does not fail in the attempts area. After 8 failed attempts of scoring a goal, Syafiq finally managed to do so in the semi final against Business Faculty which was also the winning goal for that game.
Definitely Skillful although a bit unlucky

Other players, who did not score, that doesn't mean they didn't contribute. They are the people that plays defend and made sure no one gets to put any balls into the goal. And guess what? They succeeded. No team were able to score any goals.

We have our only part-5 player, Zulhilmy

and our Junior who haven't even gotten his UiTM card yet, Nick

Also another Junior, Shahrir


of course the best goal keeper ever! Aidil who have absolutely no basics in Hockey, but saved all the balls that even attempted to show it's face in front of the goal - including penalty.

Aidil - Goal Keeper
Nice Save! MassComm VS Sport Rec. Finals.

Another important member of this hockey team is the female manager, namely myself, who is definitely too excited over the win that she decided to blog about it. Why not, it was the first time MassComm Hockey Team won the SAF since - well, ever!

Who would have imagined that one of my predictions came true??

I just love my team,


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