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Friday, November 20, 2009


What should I change?

I went to the YES2009 and heard more than 10 inspirational speeches by change icons. Listening to their stories, I was beyond any reason inspired to create an impact to change the world - my world. I guess the key point to what all of them was saying is - go beyond your limit, think outside the box, do not be afraid to take risk and never give up.

Easier said than done. Coming back, I tried to think back on what I needed to change, how should I change and what should I do. I find myself being clueless as to what to do. I have so much passion, so much fire building up in me but I have no outlet to let it out. I really want to change but what, how and which to change? I realize I had been over pampered by my lifestyle. I love my comfort zone and if there's nothing on the agenda, I'll stay there.

All those inspirational speech, had it fallen to a deaf ear? I hate to think that all the efforts and money spent to bring those magnificent speakers will go to waste. - That's what have been playing in my mind the whole time. As I was following the summit, I start to change my thinking a bit. "Hey, maybe this won't go to waste after all"... After each speech, there would bound to be some youth asking questions. Of course the thought that they only wants publicity crossed my mind, but if so, they wouldn't have produced such insights and questions. They actually did listen to the speeches and take note on what is being said. While I was having a hard time keeping myself awake, those other youth are actually paying attention... - I was awed.

The best thing about it is that, what I saw at the summit was just a glimpse of what those youths really are. They are in fact, much more than meets the eye... With Facebook, I was able to re-connect with some them and caught another glimpse of what they are really made of. Again I was awed. They really are the epitome of the empowerment of youths.

Like any other self-centered human being, I thought that I was good enough. But as I engage myself with these other great youths, I find myself lacking in many aspects. They are really serious about making change, they really do meant it when they say they wanted 'change'. -Sadly, this is where I found Malaysians, particularly - no especially the Malay Youth are lacking. Instead of going to the front they push others, instead of helping out, they criticize, they have no motivation whatsoever in improving themselves let alone their community. they are either content or just ignorant. They whine a lot but they never tried working to improve it.

Now, I'm not saying this applies to all. But many of them are. I engage myself with lots of different social circle from many countries, many races and many different backgrounds. Sometimes I feel sad to say that I can't boast about any of my Malay Youth friends - and what's more heartbreaking is not the fact they didn't succeed or have no drive but it's because they're attitudes, way of conduct is just not 'Malay' anymore. The only thing that says they are Malay are just their I/C.

Enough talk of my disappointment... back to the Summit,

I was assigned to work with the hotel team, and one of my earliest task was the registration and check in of the delegates. At that moment in time, I find myself having a hard time pronouncing and differentiating the names of the Vietnamese. Their names seemed so very closely similar tu each other. Every two or three candidates have Ngunyen in their names which is highly confusing. However, they also have the most beautiful ladies I've seen, and they are very friendly as well. But then again, all of the delegates are generally friendly. It's interesting what you learn from people you've just met. One of the most interesting discovery I had was with the Indonesian regarding the similarity and dissimilarity of our language. Although generally our language have the same 'backbone' but at times, the words which are normal to them would be an insult word in Bahasa. I loved seeing their shocked faces when they knew the meaning of their words in ours. Lols.

Two of the lovely Vietnamese

Oh yeah, while working I found out I have quite a good memory. By the end of the summit (which last only two days) I could actually recognize most of the names that is staying at Malaya Hotel (there were two hotels so we needed to make another new list). It's ironic since actually I am very bad at remembering people's name. Lol. Of course incorporating the names I recognize with the faces is another whole different matter.

But the most beautiful memory I made on the 4 days I've been volunteering for this event is getting to know the Hotel team. Different as they may be, they are all awesome people. I'll dedicate another post especially for them later. But for now, a picture should be enough... :)

The hotel team
Tham, Sunil, Loh, Marcus, Me, Crystal

Change won't come if we just sit still and wait. We need to work for it. The main thing to remember is no matter what, never give up. Of course change won't come in a matter of a blink of an eye, but slowly yet steadily we need to move towards it. I won't give up, it's my vow to myself.

Just a brat like always,
-Nana Eddy-

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