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Tuesday, March 24, 2020

Making use of time

Heya everyone.
How have you guys been?

Yeah, I have a bit more time at the moment (as many Malaysians do at this point of time) so I thought hey, why not update my blog which has been left collecting dust since... almost forever 😓🤣

During these few years that I haven't been blogging, a lot of things happened. But one of the major one, that is my personal favourite is me joining the BAVE Chamber Choir.

With this choir, under the direction of Dr. Casey Broadway we have developped so much and achieved a lot of things. Its amazing how far we have made it until now. So i thought, with the free time that I have, why not I share my experiences with BAVE Chamber Choir.

For the introduction to this choir today, i'll share some videos from their intake promo. Oh yeas, we are looking for a few ladies to join us, especially in the alto section

 So, if you are interested, you can send them a whatsapp message at +60136383985.

Good Luck!


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